Agile Telecom

Go to registration page of Agile Telecom and register a new account.

After receiving the email about the completed registration, insert your access credentials in the plugin settings dashboard.

BulkSms – Arabia provider

BulkSMS is an Arabian SMS provider.

Register a new account on

Compile the required fields in the plugin options panel.

Select bulksms service

  • Bulk SMS Username:  username associated to BulkSmS account
  • Bulk Sms Password: password associated to BulkSms account
  • Bulk Sms Sender: log in to your account and copy the the sender name, highlighted in the following picture

BulkSMS service



Go to official site and register a new account.

After confirming the registration through the specific email sent to you, you will find in your account homepage the secret key requested by the plugin to use Clockwork service.

The service allows you to make use of a test credit. You need to insert your phone number in the “Free Credit” section.

The service doesn’t require to show a specific number as sender of the message, therefore you can insert whatever value in the “Sender telephone number” field.


Go to the official site of Crystalwebtechs service and create a new account filling in the form you can find on the contact page.

After receiving the access credentials, go to your reserved area.

Create a new sender by choosing the type from “Transactional” or “Promotional”.

Add new sender

Complete the required fields:

  • Crystalwebtechs Username: username for the account created on sms.crystalwebsite
  • Crystalwebtechs Password: password for the account created on sms.crystalwebsite
  • Crystalwebtechs Sender: name of the sender just created
    Sender name
  • Crystalwebtechs Route ID: Route ID linked to the sender. To recover the value, access the details of the sender you have created.



Green text

Register a new account on

Green Text

Access the profile, copy Client_id and Client_pass and paste them in the options required by the plugin.

ClientID and ClientPassword

Green text settings



Create your Jazz account on

Jazz Business

Unlike other services, the registration doesn’t occur online but only by a phone call with the provider.

Contact the service by telephone and inform them of your need to create an account to send online SMS.

After completing the registration, the provider will send you an email with the credentials required by the plugin

  • Jazz CMS Portal Username
  • Jazz CMS Portal Password
  • Jazz CMS Portal Mask

Jazz settings


Log in or register a new account on

Go to the API Key section and click on the “Add Access Key” button.

Insert the required description and the key type to use: Live or Test, basing on the test or live phase.

After the key has been generated, copy and paste it in the “MessageBird API Key” entry of the plugin settings dashboard.

Go to and create a new account.

Create the sender name
Click on the link beside the Sender Name field. Input a name of not more than 11 characters in English. Just hit Add and it’s done.

Complete the fields required by the plugin.

Mobily settings

Username and password are the ones you use to access your account on