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YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor

With YITH Multi Vendor you can turn your e-commerce store into a marketplace (a multi-vendor platform) like Amazon or Etsy. Turn your e-commerce store into a marketplace (a multi-vendor platform) and earn commissions on orders generated by your vendors.

If used with YITH Multi Vendor, also your vendors will be able to enable the SMS notifications for their own orders.

To enable this integration, install and activate both plugins. Then, enable the SMS notifications module from YITH > Multi Vendor > Modules.


Then, you can choose to enable the following two sections for your vendors:

  • add one or more telephone numbers where to forward the SMS notifications of the orders related to his/her products
  • choose for which order statuses he/she wants to receive SMS notifications

You can do that, as an admin, from YITH > SMS Notifications > General settings > Sender settings, by enabling the following two options:

SMS vendors options

You vendors will be able to configure these settings from the SMS Notifications menu in his/her account.

SMS notifications - vendor settings

The global shop administrator is the only one who can configure the settings for the SMS sent to the users. 

For more details about how to configure YITH Multi Vendor, please, refer to the plugin documentation.