First of all you need to choose the service you want to use to send the text messages. You can choose from these three options: Twilio, Clockwork and “Agile Telecom”.

Go to this page to discover all the steps required to configure a new account correctly for one of the above-mentioned services.

Sender info and admin phone

  • Sender telephone number: sender phone number (fictitious) shown in the message received from the user. Except for Twilio, the other services allow you to insert an unreal number.
  • Alphanumeric Sender ID: enter the text that should appear as sender (this option might not work correctly in some countries, check your country with your SMS service provider you have selected)
  • Admin phone:Enter here the phone numbers of the admins who will be notified via SMS. Include country calling codes. You can also specify more than one phone number. Type the number and press Enter to add a new one.

Order status

The plugin sends an automatic SMS notification every time the order status changes.
Choose the statuses for which you want to enable the notifications and to whom you want to send the text messages: shop administrator and/or user.

Thanks to the full compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Custom Order Status you could enable SMS notification sendings also for all the custom order statuses you have created.


As previously mentioned, the SMS related to a specific order status can be sent or not both to the administrator and to the user who owns the order.
Concerning the user, the plugin allows to choose from two options:

  • enabling the service for all the users by default
  • enabling the service only for the users who have requested it from the site checkout page

URL shortening settings

Google and Bitly are the two services provided by the plugin to optimize the use of the characters in the message when it includes a link.
By enabling one of these two services, any address included in the message body will be turned into a shorter link that will still lead to the same address.

Charsets and SMS length

The Charsets option allows you to send an SMS text by using special Unicode ( characters. The plugin currently supports the following sets:

  • CJK – Chinese Japanese Korean (CJK Radicals Supplement, CJK Symbols and Punctuation, CJK Strokes, Enclosed CJK Letters and Months, CJK Compatibility, CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A, CJK Unified Ideographs, CJK Compatibility Ideographs and CJK Compatibility Forms sets)
  • Greek (Greek and Coptic sets)
  • Cyrillic
  • Armenian
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic (Arabic, Arabic Supplement, Arabic Presentation Forms-A and Arabic Presentation Forms-A sets)
  • Hangul (Hangul Jamo, Hangul Compatibility Jamo and Hangul Syllables sets)
  • Thai
  • Latin Extended (Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A and Latin Extended-B)

Note: by using special characters the SMS length will be reduced to 70 characters.

charsets & sms

By enabling SMS length you can extend the single sms length (default is 160).

SMS manual sending

From any edit order page you can fill in and send a new SMS manually which will be sent to the user who owns the selected order.

If the checkbox is not enabled, it means that the SMS automatic sending is not available for the user associated to the order. By enabling it, this behavior will be changed.

Sms settings

You can edit the content of all the messages that the users will receive when an order status changes in the “Sms Settings”section of the plugin settings dashboard.

In order to recover dynamically the information related to the user and to the order, you can use in the message content one of the following placeholders

  • {site_title}: Website name
  • {order_id}: Order number
  • {order_total}: Order total
  • {order_status}: Order status
  • {billing_name}: Billing name
  • {shipping_name}: Shipping name
  • {shipping_method}: Shipping method

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce

YITH Frontend Manager for WooCommerce adds a frontend dashboard to your site through which the administrator and shop managers can manage orders, products, and coupons as they would do from WordPress dashboard.

select order

The integration with SMS Notifications adds a metabox in the order detail view on the frontend, so you can send a message to the customer.

sms integration

If you also have the YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugin installed, each vendor will see this settings panel.