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General informations about the plugin

The plugin activation involves the addition of the “Quick View” button for each product of the “Shop” page.

Quick view button on Shop page

By clicking on the button, you will have access to product information that will show in a modal window, avoiding a new page upload.

Quick view modal window

For all details related to shown product information, we suggest referring to this page of the documentation.

Enable Quick View on mobile

To enable the “quick view” feature on mobile devices, you just need to enable the option “Enable Quick View on mobile” in YITH -> Quick View -> General options.

How to enable quick view on mobile devices


Enable Quick View on wishlist

The integration with YITH WooCommerce Wishlist allows showing the “Quick View” button for each product added to the Wishlist page.

How to show quick view on wishlist

The button shows only if the option “Enable Quick View on wishlist” has been enabled in YITH -> Quick View -> General options.

Enable lightbox


Open product image in a lightbox

The option Enable lightbox allows opening the complete detail of the product image, inserted in the quick view window, right inside a new lightbox, as shown in the image below.

Product image in lightbox in quick view

Quick view navigation

Quick View navigation options

The option Quick view navigation enables the navigation in the Quick View mode so that users can browse products without leaving the modal.

By selecting the option Enable navigation in the same product category, users will only be able to navigate the products of the same category.

Through the option Quick View Type, you can choose the navigation style from Slide and Rotate.
Slide navigation style
Rotate navigation style

Button options

The options available in the Button options section of the plugin settings dashboard are the following:

  • Quick View Button Type: choose whether to show a button or an icon to have access to the product’s quick view. By selecting Use icon, you will be able to upload an icon for the quick view button. By selecting Use button, you can enter the label in the field Quick View Button Label.
  • Quick View Button Position: choose the position where to show the button/icon (next to add to cart button or right inside the product image).

Quick View button options 


The “yith_quick_view” shortcode allows displaying a button/icon that opens a quick view popup of a specific product on any page and it both works for the free and premium version.
The shortcode accepts the following parameters:

  • product_id: id product to show in the modal window
  • type: [icon/button] choose whether to show a button or an icon (this is only available with the premium plugin version)
  • label: button label

Example of the shortcode use
[yith_quick_view product_id=51562 type=”button” label=”Quick View”]

Elements to show

From the tab Product of the plugin panel, you can choose the product information to show right inside the “quick view” modal window from the following:

  • image
  • name
  • rating
  • price
  • excerpt
  • product meta

Furthermore, you can enable the option to show the full description rather than the short description.

How to select elements to show in the quick view modal


The plugin default behavior implies for all product thumbnails to be shown in a classic mode, as provided by WooCommerce. However, you can choose to show them with the “Slider” mode or completely hide them.

Thumbnail types in the quick view


Quick view - thumbnails with classic mode

Image zoom

If you are using YITH WooCommerce Zoom Magnifier, you can enable the zoom function on the product image in the quick view window by activating the option Enable image zoom.

How to enable image zoom in quick view

Image zoom in quick view


This function will not be available if the “slider” modality has been selected.