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Invoices & credit notes

When you open the plugin option panel, the first screen you’ll see is a page with all invoices and credit notes generated so far.

You will find a tab for Invoices and another one for Credit notes.

Invoices overview
Credit notes overview

Amongst the basic options that you can use on the page, you can apply the following actions:

  • bulk actions: download, delete, or regenerate all selected files;
  • filter by date;
  • search for invoices/credit notes.
Download all documents and export - options
  • Download all: all files in the list will be downloaded as separate PDF invoices/credit notes and saved to a folder.
  • Export CSV of this view: a CSV file will be created with an overview of this tab
CSV Export

In addition to the bulk actions, the same options are available as individual actions for each document:

Actions on a document
  • download PDF
  • create XML
  • regenerate
  • send to customer
  • delete