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Invoice options

Here you can manage the general invoice options.

Automatic creation

  • Invoice creation: Either manually or automatically.
  • Date of invoice creation: This option only appears when choosing for ‘Automatic’ invoice creation. It consists of the following options:
    • Date of order creation.
    • Date of the invoice, when the order changes to processing status.
    • Date of the invoice, when the order changes to completed status.

Invoice general options

  • Date to show in the invoice: Date to show on the invoice:
    • Date of order creation.
    • Date the order is completed.
    • Date of invoice creation.
  • Invoice numbers: How to generate invoice numbers:
    • Use order number.
    • Use order ID.
    • Start sequential numbering from a specific number.
  • Enforce minimum invoice number length: Set a minimum invoice number length. In case the invoice number won’t match this value, a prefix with zeros will apply.
  • Number of digits: Minimum number of digits for the invoice number.
  • Avoid invoice generation for orders with value “0”: This prevents invoices from being generated if the order value is “0”.

Invoice general settings

  • Enable electronic invoice (Italian customers): Specific options for Italian customers that comply with the Italian standards to sell goods online.
  • Viewing generated documents: Decide if the customer can:
    • Download the files as a PDF.
    • Open the file in the same browser tab.
    • Open the file in a new browser tab.

Sequential numbering

Sequential numbering options for invoice

When selecting “Start sequential numbering from a specific number” in the “invoice numbers” dropdown, you will see a set of new options.

  • Start invoice number from: The invoice numeration is sequential and begins from the value specified in this field (if empty, the first invoice will be “1”).
  • Reset on 1st January: Reset the numeration and restart its cycle at the beginning of the new calendar year.
  • Avoid duplicate invoices: Old invoice numbers will be checked before creating a new one, to avoid duplication.

The value specified in the image automatically increases and shows the next invoice number that will be generated.
If you change the value and save new settings, the first new invoice will no longer follow the previous numeration, but it will begin from the new specified value.

Pro-forma options

From YITH > PDF Invoices > General options > “Pro-forma options” you can enable the pro-forma options.

Pro-forma options

  • Allow users to download pro-forma document in my account: users can find and download it from their My Account page.
  • Allow pro-forma in new orders emails: pro-forma will be send as an attachment to their order emails.

Download from My Account

pro forma my account

The pro forma document is automatically generated by the system. The user is able to see it in their My Account page, and the admin can see it from the edit order page.

Pro-forma example

It differs from a normal invoice for not having an invoice number and for the text “Pro forma Invoice” on top of the document.

Pro-forma example

Receipt options

You can let your customers choose whether they need an invoice or a receipt for their order during the checkout.

To make sure they can choose, just go to YITH > PDF Invoices > General options > “Enable receipts”

Receipt options

On checkout, the user is able to select the option of his choice.

In the orders list, the admin will be able to see “View receipt” if the user selected that option.

view receipt

Credit notes options

The credit notes can be generated when an order refund is granted.

Go to YITH > PDF Invoices > General Options > “Credit notes options”.

Credit note options

  • Credit note sequential numbers start from: Number for next credit note (if empty, the first credit note will be 1)
  • Reset on 1st January: Reset and restart sequential numbering from “1” each 1st January.

Now you can generate a credit note for each applied refund directly from the order.

refund in order backend

By clicking on “Create” the credit order is created, and the customer will be able to see and download it from his orders page on his account.

credit note in my account

Ways to generate an invoice

Manual generation

To generate an invoice manually, you can either use the “Actions” that are visible on the “WooCommerce > Orders page.

manual creation in orders

Or you can enter the order, and create the pdf from the Order edit page.

create pdf from order edit

Automatic generation

If you choose to generate invoices automatically, the document will be created at the moment of your choice, when:

  • order is created
  • order acquires the “processing” status
  • order acquires the “completed” status

Bulk generation

Use the option to generate or regenerate the packing slip and/or invoice.

bulk actions on orders (1)


Packing slip options

Go to YITH > PDF Invoices > General options > “Packing slip options”

Packing slip options

  • Packing slip generation: It can be generated automatically or manually.

Manual packing slip generation

The document can only be generated manually by the site administrator, through the specific button in “WooCommerce > Orders” or in the order detail page.

  • From orders page

create packing slip in orders

  • From edit order page

create packing slip order edit

Packing slip example

Packing slip example