Save invoice

Invoices are saved by default in the “Invoices” folder, which is to be found in the folder “wp-content -> uploads->ywpi-pdf-invoice” of your WordPress installation.
In case you wanted to set a customised path for saving, you can use [year], [month] e [day] as placeholders on “Invoice folder format” option, so that your saved invoices are sorted by year, month and day, according to the date it has been generated.

Invoice folder format

An example: if you write Invoices/[year]/[month], an invoice generated on “17/02/2016” will be save in the path “invoices/2016/02”.

Invoice folder


The plugin gives the administrator the possibility to automatically backup all generated PDF documents on Dropbox. Backup is immediate.

Following we analyse each individual step for saving process to work correctly.

Send documents to Dropbox

At first you have to access your account, or create one in case you do not have any.
Then, click on “Login to Dropbox” and the page where entering your data will be displayed.

Login to Dropbox

Now, you have to allow data save on your Dropbox. All documents generated will be saved in the folder “Apps” in your Dropbox archive. Save settings will follow the same rules as computer save, as explained here.

Dropbox Code

Now, you will be shown a code that has to be entered into the input box of the option “Enable Dropbox Backup” to complete synchronisation.

The code has to be entered within a minute since its generation. Contrary, it will not have any effect and the code will have to be generated anew.

Dropbox Code in plugin

In case the code is correctly validated, the Dropbox account synchronised with the plugin for invoice save will be shown.

Login executed

An example of Dropbox save.

Dropbox example