How to manage invoice generation

The invoice related to the order can be generated automatically or manually by administrator, depending on the configuration in the plugin settings dashboard in YITH > PDF Invoice.

Automatic creation

  • Generate invoices: choose whether to generate invoices automatically or manually.
  • Generate packing slip: decide if you want to generate the packing slip automatically or manually.
  • If you choose the Automatic invoice option, you’ll be able to choose when it has to be generated in the option below, and pick one from:
    • When the order is created
    • When the order goes to Processing status
    • When order turns into Completed status
  • Date to show in the invoice: you can choose which date showing in the invoice and pick one from:
    • Date of order created
    • Date of order Completed
    • Date of invoice generated
  • How to show the generated document: finally you can choose also whether to download the file once it is generated or to open it in your browser.

Manual generation

To generate an invoice manually, click on the specific button you’ll find in “WooCommerce -> Orders” or in the order detail page.

Orders page

Order detail page

Automatic generation

If you choose to generate invoices automatically, the document will be created at the moment of your choice, when:

  • order is created
  • order acquires the “processing” status
  • order acquires the “completed” status

Bulk generation

Use the option to generate or regenerate the packing slip and/or invoice.

bulk generate