How to customize template settings

If you want to change the pdf document content generated by the plugin, go to “Template” section of settings dashboard.

Template settings

If you need to optimize the PDF size generated by the plugin, you can disable “Unicode Chartset”. In this case, you must verify that your language “charset” doesn’t need “UNICODE” support. Otherwise, you must keep the option active to avoid a possible wrong coding of some pdf characters.

Unicode charset

In “Visible Section” field you can choose the sections to be shown in invoice documents and pro-forma and, separately, also in shipping documents.

Visible section

To show the total amount of the invoice, discount included, you can enable “Show order subtotal inclusive of order discount”.
Whereas the amount of discount can be shown by enabling “Show the order discount in the invoice summary amounts”.

Order total

The same applies to information related to products inserted in the order and shown in the table of the document. In “Visible columns” field you can choose to show or remove the following information for each product:

  • image
  • SKU
  • description
  • variation
  • quantity
  • price list
  • sale price
  • taxes

Visible columns

Change the color of your pdf by using the dedicated color selectors.

template colors