Changelog – Premium version

2.0.11 - Released on March 10, 2020

  • New: Support for WooCommerce 4.0
  • New: Support for WordPress 5.4
  • New: Fields for electronic invoice xml document
  • New: Options for electronic invoice
  • New: Options for electronic invoice (third intermediary)
  • New: A "Private/Company/Freelance" field in checkout when the electronic invoice is enabled
  • New: Support for Khmer Unicode
  • New: JS validation on SSN for italian customers
  • Update: Plugin framework
  • Update: Language .pot file
  • Update: Italian translation
  • Update: Updated MPDF to 8.0.5
  • Fix: PEC destinatario field always shown
  • Fix: Placeholder not replaced in credit notes
  • Fix: Changed the method to add the footer with mpdf library/li>
  • Fix: Fixed a wrong percentage tax value in the invoice
  • Dev: Added a self redirect to the regenerate button
  • Dev: All string scaped

2.0.10 - Released on December 27, 2019

  • New: support for WooCommerce 3.9
  • Tweak: Check if rtl language before print the document
  • Update: .pot file
  • Update: Dutch language
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Dev: new filter 'ywpi_next_progressive_file_id'

2.0.9 - Released on November 28, 2019

  • Tweak: option panel changes
  • Tweak: enqueue frontend script only in Checkout page
  • Update: updated plugin framework
  • Fix: notice array to string conversion in admin order page
  • Fix: prevent issue on validation of XML file (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: prevent get wrong shipping and fee taxes in the invoice details
  • Fix: fixed the price for unit on invoice details template (also affected the discount percentage value)
  • Dev: added action hook yith_ywpi_after_generate_template_pdf

2.0.8 - Released on November 07, 2019

  • New: support for WordPress 5.3
  • New: support for WooCommerce 3.8
  • New: added new option to show or hide broken down taxes in the invoice summary
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: updated Dutch language
  • Update: updated Italian language
  • Fix: fixed product price and sale price on invoice details
  • Fix: prevent to get wrong tax when there is two or more taxes
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpi_get_item_price_per_unit_sale' and 'yith_ywpi_get_item_price_per_unit'

2.0.7 - Released on October 16, 2019

  • Tweak: improved the method to display the prices in the invoice, now, the regular price, sale price and product prices are displayed with taxes included or excluded depending on the WooCommerce tax settings
  • Tweak: improved the tax in the total table
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Update: updated plugin fw
  • Fix: fixed automatic document generation on the order creation
  • Dev: fix warning if param is an array
  • Dev: added new filter yith_ywpi_settings_panel_capability

2.0.6 - Released on August 21, 2019

  • Update: updated .pot file
  • Update: updated Dutch language
  • Fix: fixed the automatic document generation on the order creation
  • Fix: prevent warning on invoice fields in admin view
  • Dev: fixed minor issue with the tax label
  • Dev: added some changes in the placeholders calls

2.0.5 - Released on August 05, 2019

  • New: support WooCommerce 3.7
  • Update: updated Italian language
  • Update: updated plugin core
  • Fix: fixed the automatic packing slip generation
  • Fix: fixed the bulk regenerate documents feature
  • Fix: avoid additional tax rows in the total if the tax is zero
  • Dev: new filter to change the VAT field name in the checkout
  • Dev: fixed a warning with WC 3.7
  • Dev: added a new filter ywpi_allow_attach_credit_note
  • Dev: changed the method yith_get_prop to get_post_meta in the replace_customer_details_pattern method

2.0.4 - Released on July 09, 2019

  • Fix: notice on undefined index
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpi_reset_year_invoice_number'
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpi_reset_year_document_note_number'
  • Tweak: allow placeholders in the invoice notes
  • Update: plugin fw
  • Update: main language file

2.0.3 - Released on June 04, 2019

  • Fix: mandatory SSN field for electronic invoice module

2.0.2 - Released on May 30, 2019

  • Fix: hide Electronic Invoice options for vendors when the module is disabled
  • Dev: new filter 'ywpi_vendor_options'

2.0.1 - Released on May 29, 2019

  • New: added a new option to generate automatically the packing slip for the order
  • New: added new template color selectors in the plugin settings
  • New: validation of SSN field during checkout process
  • New: check on receiver ID (electronic Invoice)
  • New: added a bulk edit to generate the invoice and the packing slip in the order page. Thanks to Morten Virik from Mementor AS (
  • New: added a bulk edit to regenerate the invoice and the packing slip in the order page.
  • New: added a credit note button on my account if available
  • Tweak: delete the invoice from the upload directory when use the remove button in the order
  • Tweak: use same templates for Invoice and Credit notes documents (Elctronic Invoice)
  • Update: Italian language
  • Update: Plugin-fw
  • Fix: option label
  • Fix: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given
  • Fix: fixed a duplicated product line in the credit note
  • Fix: Undefined variable: tax_percentage
  • Fix: fixed the date placeholders for the invoice number
  • Fix: fixed the delivery note display in the documents
  • Fix: fixed the date placeholders for the invoice store folder
  • Fix: fixed Undefined property notice
  • Fix: fixing the tax percentage in the template
  • Fix: integration with Multi Vendor
  • Removed: templates for credit note (Electronic invoice)
  • Dev: fixing an issue with the translations
  • Dev: changed the args in the MPDF call

2.0.0 - Released on April 09, 2019

  • New: support to WooCommerce 3.6.0 RC 1
  • New: now, the credit notes are attached to the refund email when the order status change to refund
  • Tweak: electronic invoice module (credit to Lorenzo Novia -
  • Update: Spanish language
  • Update: Plugin Framework
  • Update: updated mPDF library to the version 7.0
  • Fix: replaced character € to prevent the file by Agenzia delle Entrate from being rejected (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: fixed the credit note formatted number
  • Fix: billing receiver ID and PEc are not showed correctly
  • Fix: Eletronic Invoice Fields not showed under billing section onside the checkout page
  • Dev: deleted deprecated filter woocommerce_found_customer_details

1.9.9 - Released on March 08, 2019

  • New: create filename with a unique progressive ID (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: calculate unit price with approximation of 5 decimals (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: tax calculation on order line items (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: prevent errors with HTML special characters (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: tax calculation on "Dati Riepilogo" in case of Product Bundle generated with WooCommerce Product Bundles (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Dev: added new font UnBatang_0613.ttf
  • Remove: admin notice for XML file name (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)

1.9.8 - Released on February 18, 2019

  • New: option to choose which date to show in the invoice
  • Tweak: PDF and XML documents created at the same time (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: admin panel layout to manage XML documents (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: support for generation of credit notes (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: show notice before proceeding with the refund to prevent wrong configuration for XML document (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: open/download XML documents from Orders page (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: notice for users to prevent wrong numeration for invoices when they are generared manually
  • Update: Plugin Framework 3.1.21
  • Update: plugin language file
  • Fix: wrong post meta used to recover invoice number
  • Fix: wrong regular price when the taxes are included
  • Dev: new hook 'yith_ywpi_bottom_invoice_section'

1.9.7 - Released on February 18, 2019

  • Fix: use order completed date as invoice invoice date (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: calculate discount for item quantity (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: show item name using htmlentities (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: shipping costs on the invoice (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: order total called incorrectly (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)

1.9.6 - Released on February 15, 2019

  • Fix: percent tax amount in case of inline discounts (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: include additional fees in total fields (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: VAT chargeability value (esigibilità IVA) not recovered correctly (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Update: Dutch translation
  • Update: Plugin Framework

1.9.5 - Released on February 06, 2019

  • Updated: Spanish translation
  • Tweak: admin selects province by a select (electronic invoice for Italian Customers)
  • Fix: remove localization for all strings of the module Electronic Invoice
  • Fix: show "datiriepielogo" section for each tax class (electronic invoice for Italian Customers)
  • Fix: prevent warning if billing_receiver_pec is not set (electronic invoice for Italian Customers)
  • Fix: prevent warning if billing_receiver_vat_ssn is not set (electronic invoice for Italian Customers)
  • Fix: show 'IdFiscaleIVA' section only for companies (electronic invoice for Italian Customers)
  • Fix: show 'ScontoMaggiorazione' section in case of discount on order (electronic invoice for Italian Customers)
  • Fix: force to uppercase SSN value in XML document for electronic invoice (electronic invoice for Italian Customers)
  • Fix: Fixing the increment of the Invoice number.

1.9.4 - Released on February 01, 2019

  • Update: Spanish translation
  • Fix: VAT field set as mandatory incorrectly
  • Fix: hide "Codice Fiscale" field in XML document for not italian companies
  • Fix: hide Provincia field for in XML document for not italian customers

1.9.3 - Released on January 29, 2019

  • Fix: increment of the invoice numbers
  • Fix: SSN and VAT showed as mandatory in according to the plugin options

1.9.2 - Released on January 24, 2019

  • New: option to set Fiscal Regime of the company (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • New: option to set Chargeability of VAT for the company (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • New: possibility to customize error messages showed on checkout page (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Update: plugin fw to version 3.1.15
  • Update: italian translation
  • Tweak: Receiver ID and PEC can be edited from user profile page on the backend (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: AJAX Loading of Receiver ID and Receiver PEC on user profile when an order is created manually on the backend (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Tweak: make mandatory fields on checkout page depending on whether the user is a company or a private customer (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)
  • Fix: VAT Number is recovered correctly based on the user country (Electronic Invoice module for italian customers)
  • Fix: make SSN mandatory only for private Italian customers (Electronic Invoice module for Italian customers)

1.9.1 - Released on January 09, 2019

  • Update: plugin fw to version 3.1.14
  • Update: italian translation
  • Fix: Receiver ID and Receiver PEC are mandatory only if Company name is set (for Electronic Invoice Module)
  • Dev: new filter 'ywpi_invoice_date_format_document'

1.9.0 - Released on December 27, 2018

  • New: support to electronic invoice for italian customers. You can now create an XML document including all fields required by the Italian Agenzia delle Entrate
  • Update: plugin fw to version 3.1.6

1.8.6 - Released on December 07, 2018

  • New: support to WordPress 5.0
  • New: added order_number as a placeholder to use in documents settings
  • Update: updating Dutch language
  • Update: plugin core to version 3.1.6
  • Fix: short description not showing
  • Dev: second parameter to filter 'yith_ywpi_image_path'

1.8.5 - Released on October 23, 2018

  • New: adding a filter to allow RTL in the documents
  • Update: plugin framework
  • Update: plugin description
  • Update: plugin links

1.8.4 - Released on October 17, 2018

  • New: Support to WooCommerce 3.5.0
  • Tweak: change pro-forma to proforma
  • Tweak: new action links and plugin row meta in admin manage plugins page
  • Update: Updating Plugin FW
  • Update: .pot file
  • Update: Dutch language
  • Dev: fixed parent page
  • Dev: added new filter ywpi_after_show_invoice_buttons

1.8.3 - Released on September 18, 2018

  • New: added the Portuguese translations, thanks to Ricardo Araújo
  • Update: Updated .pot
  • Update: Dutch translation
  • Fix: Fixing a method call
  • Fix: Now the no completed orders take the order data created and not the actual date
  • Fix: Fixing the delivery date section in the documents
  • Fix: Added missing options to wpml configuration file
  • Dev: added a filter to the SSN text field
  • Dev: added a filter in the document data invoice template to show the barcode if necessary
  • Dev: added a filter to the pro-forma button text in my-account
  • Dev: added filter to the SSN is_required field
  • Dev: added new filters to the proforma and packing slip document names
  • Dev: adding a string to the text domain
  • Dev: added a new filter to the current invoice number

1.8.2 - Released on July 05, 2018

  • New: added a new feature in Credit Notes to display the refunded products
  • Tweak: minor integration with YITH Role Based Prices
  • Tweak: Improve CSS rule for Qty column
  • Update: Dutch translation
  • Dev: fixing a filter name
  • Dev: added new filter to the discount symbol
  • Dev: added a new condition and filter to display the invoice section in orders
  • Dev: added float in order to prevent warning

1.8.1 - Released on June 07, 2018

  • Fix: fixing an issue with the documents template

1.8 - Released on June 05, 2018

  • Tweak: Get all the data from the orders
  • Tweak: Improving the plugin settings
  • Tweak: Now the footer can use the postmetas placeholders
  • Tweak: Fees also added to the invoice subtotal
  • Tweak: Adding the dimension option of the packing slip in the template, removing it from the class
  • Update: Spanish translation
  • Update: Updating Plugin Framework
  • Update: updated the official documentation url of the plugin
  • Fix: Fixed a problem when create the documents in the order table
  • Fix: fixing the round in the details template
  • Dev: checking YITH_Privacy_Plugin_Abstract for old plugin-fw versions
  • Dev: Working in a new tab of the settings
  • Dev: Hiding the new fields name tab
  • Dev: hiding the postmetas created in the order
  • Dev: added and old version of the get_order_currency functions to avoid incompatibilities

1.7.2 - Released on May 29, 2018

  • New: Support to WooCommerce 3.4.0
  • New: Support to GDPR compliance
  • New filter yith_ywpi_print_invoice_name
  • New: Show packing slip in a new tab
  • Tweak: Remove blank lines in $replace_details
  • Update: Update language files .pot
  • Update: Italian translation
  • Update: Dutch translation
  • Update: documentation link of the plugin/li>
  • Fix: fixing a warning with non numeric value
  • Fix: fixed a problem when generate credit notes
  • Fix: fixed a php warning
  • Dev: added a new filter in replace details
  • Dev: added filter ywpi_get_item_product_regular_price/li>

1.7.1 - Released on February 26, 2018

  • Tweak: Now in the orders table the download button open a new tab if needed
  • Tweak: show one meta for row in invoice in case of variable products
  • Dev: Added a filter to get the order currency
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpdi_mpdf_args'
  • Fix: Fixing problem with order currency in the Invoices
  • Fix: Fixing the currency issues in the invoices and packing slip
  • Fix: Fixing the currency method
  • Fix: Percentage tax of the shipping on the invoice
  • Fix: Percentage tax of the shipping on the invoice (remove the wc_round_tax_total)
  • Fix: Force wp_redirect if wp_safe_redirect not works.

1.7.0 - Released on January 29, 2018

  • New: plugin fw 3.0.10
  • New: support to WooCommerce 3.3-RC2
  • New: integration with YITH Checkout Manager plugin (show additional fields using placeholders)
  • Fix: subtotal and tax on credit notes
  • Fix: order ID is not recovered properly (WooCommerce 2.6.14)
  • Dev: new argument for the filter 'yith_ywpi_template_product_variation_string'
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpi_allowed_tag'
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpi_replace_customer_details'
  • Dev: new hook 'yith_ywpi_before_replace_customer_details'
  • Dev: new filter 'ywpi_invoice_amount_label'
  • Dev: new filter 'ywpi_invoice_date_format'

1.6.4 - Released on December 12, 2017

  • New: possibility to show the order number inside the invoice name
  • Dev: new hook "yith_ywpdi_before_generate_template_mpdf"
  • New: Dropbox folder option
  • Fix: fatal error getting order ID with WooCommerce 2.6.14
  • New: possibility to add order number in the invoice name
  • Fix: Dropbox API

1.6.3 - Released on November 29, 2017

  • New: regenerate proforma invoices
  • Tweak: supporto to PHP 7.1
  • Fix: subtotal and discount not showing correctly when coupons are applied
  • Fix: encoding for arabian customers
  • Fix: use "date completed order" as invoice date
  • Fix: condition to show proforma status section box
  • Fix: Dropbox overwrite file
  • Fix: initialization of the plugin (issue with YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor)
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_wcpdi_order_subtotal'

1.6.2 - Released on October 18, 2017

  • Tweak: protect invoice folder

1.6.1 - Released on October 16, 2017

  • New: support to WooCommerce 3.2.x
  • New: font XB Riyaz.ttf
  • Fix: html closed bracket

1.6.0 - Released on October 13, 2017

  • New: support to WooCommerce 3.2.0
  • New: Dropbox API v2 support
  • Fix: subtotal is not showed correctly in invoice
  • Fix: regular price not showed correctly in invoice

1.5.3 - Released on October 10, 2017

  • Fix: Adding images for the logo no bigger than 300x150 pixels whenever you are online we can go on with more plugins for support

1.5.2 - Released on September 19, 2017

  • New: possibility to regenerate the document

1.5.1 - Released on September 14, 2017

  • Fix: warning in invoice when the product has not tax applied
  • Fix: show VAT field edited via YITH WooCommerce EU VAT

1.5.0 - Released on September 05, 2017

  • Tweak: secured uploads folder

1.4.20 - Released on August 25, 2017

  • Fix: product description not shown on invoice for product variations
  • New: Dutch language files
  • Update: plugin framework

1.4.19 - Released on August 03, 2017

  • Dev: added ywpi_document_title filter
  • Dev: ywpi_invoice_number_label_edit_order_page filter
  • Dev: ywpi_invoice_number_label_for_credit_note filter
  • Dev: ywpi_invoice_number_label filter
  • Dev: ywpi_pattern_filename_invoice_or_credit_note filter
  • Dev: ywpi_pattern_filename_proforma filter
  • Dev: ywpi_pattern_filename_shipping filter

1.4.18 - Released on July 31, 2017

  • Missing font Sun-Extra.ttf
  • Fix: missed font
  • Tweak: support to php 7
  • Dev: new filter for document title

1.4.17 - Released on July 06, 2017

  • New: support for WooCommerce 3.1
  • Dev: filter 'yith_pdf_invoice_customer_details_pattern' lets third party code to customize the customer details being shown

1.4.16 - Released on June 05, 2017

  • Fix: Call to undefined method in credit note documents with WooCommerce 3

1.4.15 - Released on May 29, 2017

  • Fix: VAT number and SSN number not properly retrieved from the customer details

1.4.14 - Released on May 16, 2017

  • Fix: gift cards row shown in invoice even if no gift cards were used
  • Dev: filter 'yith_pdf_invoice_after_customer_content' in customer-details.php template

1.4.13 - Released on May 08, 2017

  • New: show gift card amount on invoices.
  • Dev: filter 'yith_pdf_invoice_show_gift_card_amount' lets third party plugin to change the layout for 'gift card discount' row in invoices.

1.4.12 - Released on May 03, 2017

  • New: show delivery data in invoices when used with YITH WooCommerce Delivery Date plugin
  • Fix: when tax column is enabled, an error is thrown if free shipping method is used
  • Tweak; invoice layout for note field
  • Dev: added action 'yith_ywpi_after_document_notes' in notes field

1.4.11 - Released on April 27, 2017

  • Fix: cannot delete invoice once is created with WooCommerce 3.
  • Invoice not attached to outgoing emails with WooCommerce 3.
  • Wrong link for parent order when using YITH Multi Vendor and WooCommerce 3.0+.

1.4.10 - Released on April 08, 2017

  • Fix: on WC 3.0, checkout error if an invoice is created on new order containing variable products.

1.4.9 - Released on March 28, 2017

  • Fix: fatal error if mPDF class exists
  • Fix: YITH Plugin Framework initialization

1.4.8 - Released on March 15, 2017

  • Fix: packing slip not rendered if the option for showing product size is enabled

1.4.7 - Released on March 07, 2017

  • New: Support to WooCommerce 2.7.0-RC1
  • Update: YITH Plugin Framework
  • Fix: taxes amount calculation for shipping fee
  • Fix: Thai characters not shown correctly on invoice
  • Fix: pro-forma documents did not use the same layout of invoices

1.4.6 - Released on February 20, 2017

  • Tweak: shipping costs and additional fees are shown on packing slip by default
  • Tweak: show a notice for pro-forma invoices not available when used with YITH Multi Vendor

1.4.5 - Released on February 01, 2017

  • New: integration with YITH Multi Vendor, show main order number in sub order invoices
  • Tweak: integration with YITH Multi Vendor, hide the metabox in admin's order pages if the invoicing for vendor orders is disabled
  • Fix: integration with YITH Multi Vendor, vendors cannot delete invoices
  • Dev: filter 'yith_ywpi_can_create_document' lets third party plugin to set if specific document could be created
  • Dev: filter 'yith_ywpi_delete_document_capabilities' lets third party plugin to set the user capability that enable document deletion

1.4.4 - Released on January 16, 2017

  • New: invoice number can be set dynamically using the additional placeholders [year], [month] and [day]
  • Fix: invoice generation failed if a product was deleted
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpi_set_document_date' for overriding the document date to be set in invoices and credit notes
  • Dev: new filter 'yith_ywpi_image_path' for overriding the images shown in documents

1.4.3 - Released on December 07, 2016

  • Added: ready for WordPress 4.7
  • Fixed: proforma documents not attached to emails automatically

1.4.2 - Released on November 23, 2016

  • Added: new option for showing weight and dimension of products in packing slip documents

1.4.1 - Released on October 31, 2016

  • Fixed: DropBox sync fails on new document generation

1.4.0 - Released on October 11, 2016

  • Added: manage refunds with credit notes
  • Added: new templates hierarchy
  • Added: all templates are customizable
  • Added: compatibility with a wide range of character set
  • Updated: changed the PDF library used from DOMPDF to MPDF

1.3.15 - Released on July 27, 2016

  • Added: option for mandatory SSN number on checkout
  • Added: option for mandatory VAT number on checkout

1.3.14 - Released on July 04, 2016

  • Updated: the company logo is retrieved from the server path instead of the public path
  • Updated: catalog file
  • Updated: italian translation file

1.3.13 - Released on June 20, 2016

  • Fixed: image not shown and other issue with DOMPDF library

1.3.12 - Released on June 14, 2016

  • Added: WooCommerce 2.6 ready
  • Fixed: in the YITH Multi Vendor plugin, the vendor was unable to set its own company logo

1.3.11 - Released on April 29, 2016

  • Added: 100% compatibility with YITH WooCommerce Account Funds
  • Added: filter yith_ywpi_print_document_notes for notes on invoices
  • Added: filter that could hide buttons on plugin metabox
  • Added: filter that could hide buttons on orders back-end page
  • Added: filter that could hide pro-forma button on myaccount page

1.3.10 - Released on April 14, 2016

  • Added: support for invoices made for the YITH WooCommerce Funds plugin
  • Added: option for generating and attaching the pro-forma invoice on new order

1.3.9 - Released on April 06, 2016

  • Fixed: the percentage discount column in the invoice shows the discounted percentage instead of the discount percentage

1.3.8 - Released on April 05, 2016

  • Added: option that let you show a "discount percentage" column on invoice
  • Added: option that let you show the order subotal inclusive or exclusive of the order discount
  • Added: option that let you choose if the discount amount should be shown on the order summary

1.3.7 - Released on March 16, 2016

  • Added: optionally show a column on invoice with total taxed
  • Tweaked: huge improvement on resulting image size, reduced to few KB
  • Added: option for enabling Unicode charset support(need to be disabled in order to have smaller image size)
  • Updated: plugin catalog file

1.3.6 - Released on March 14, 2016

  • Fixed: sanitize document file name
  • Fixed: invoice number not incremented on automatic invoice
  • Updated: yith-woocommerce-pdf-invoice.pot model file

1.3.5 - Released on March 04, 2016

  • Fixed: download of documents from order page

1.3.4 - Released on March 03, 2016

  • Fixed: unable to download the invoice on my-account page
  • Fixed: missing button for invoice creation on orders page
  • Updated: file yith-woocommerce-pdf-invoice.pot

1.3.3 - Released on March 01, 2016

  • Fixed: missing $product on the invoice template when "show SKU" is enabled
  • Fixed: show only valid taxonomy when the variation information should be displayed in the invoice
  • Fixed: no file downloaded if "Document generation mode" was set to "Download"

1.3.2 - Released on February 18, 2016

  • Updated: removed unused plugin options
  • Fixed: warning on pro-forma document generation

1.3.1 - Released on February 17, 2016

  • Fixed: wrong discount applied to the order totals

1.3.0 - Released on February 16, 2016

  • Updated: plugin ready for WooCommerce 2.5
  • Updated: invoice template can be override
  • Added: YITH Multi Vendor compatibility: vendors can create their own invoices.
  • Added: template system rewritten for improved performance and customization
  • Added: customizable Customer billing details with third party postmeta

1.2.3 - Released on December 29, 2015

  • Fixed: wrong discount calculation when price are entered inclusive of taxes

1.2.2 - Released on December 15, 2015

  • Fixed: YITH Plugin Framework breaks updates on WordPress multisite
  • Fixed: Missing localization for a string in invoice template

1.2.1 - Released on December 11, 2015

  • Fixed: company logo not shown on invoice for DOMPDF issue

1.2.0 - Released on December 04, 2015

  • Fixed: VAT number and SSN number not shown on invoice
  • Updated: languages file

1.1.8 - Released on November 04, 2015

  • Fixed: invoice generated and attached to emails not related to orders
  • Updated : text-domain changed from ywpi to yith-woocommerce-pdf-invoice

1.1.7 - Released on September 30, 2015

  • Fix: typo on invoice templated
  • Fix: wrong invoice number shown.

1.1.6 - Released on September 01, 2015

  • Fix: removed deprecated woocommerce_update_option_X hook.

1.1.5 - Released on August 27, 2015

  • Tweak: update YITH Plugin framework

1.1.4 - Released on July 28, 2015

  • Added : new original product price column for invoices

1.1.3 - Released on June 19, 2015

  • Added: some placeholders for invoice prefix and suffix.

1.1.2 - Released on May 22, 2015

  • Added : improved unicode support

1.1.1 - Released on April, 24 - 2015

  • Tweak : invoice and pro-forma invoice template updated

1.1.0 - Released on April, 22 - 2015

  • Fix : security issue (
  • Tweak : support up to Wordpress 4.2

1.0.5 - Released on April, 20 - 2015

  • Added : optionally display short description column

1.0.4 - Released on April, 15 - 2015

  • Added : compatibility with WooThemes EU VAT Number plugin

1.0.3 - Released on April, 07 - 2015

  • Fix : documents with greek text could not be rendered correctly

1.0.2 - Released on March, 05 - 2015

  • Initial Release