How to manage invoice generation

Invoice generation related to the order can be done manually by administrator or automatically, based on its setting, in plugin settings dashboard in YIT Plugins -> Pdf Invoice.

Invoice generation mode

Manual generation

To generate an invoice manually, click on the specific button you find in “WooCommerce -> Orders” or in order detail page

Orders page

Order detail page

Automatic generation

In case you chose the automatic generation of your invoices, document will be automatically created in the right moment (chosen by you) when:

  • order is created
  • order acquires the “processing” status
  • order acquires the “completed” status

How to manage save and numeration of the invoice

Each generated invoice will be saved right inside “ywpi-pdf-invoice” folder, which is included in “uploads” folder of your WordPress installation. A new folder with all generated invoices will be created for each calendar year.

Save folder

Numeration is sequential and begins from the value specified in “Next invoice number” field in plugin settings dashboard.

Invoice numeration

The value specified in the image automatically increases and shows next invoice number that will be generated.
If you change this value and save new settings, the first new generated invoice will no longer follow the previous numeration and will begin from the new specified value.

You can add a prefix and/or a suffix to the invoice number by changing the invoice name format in “Invoice number format”field.

Invoice number format

How to generate shipping list document

To enable the generation of shipping document, activate “Enable shipping list” option.

Enable shipping list

The document can be generated only manually by site administrator, from the specific button in “WooCommerce -> Orders” or in order detail page.

Orders page

Order detail page

How to destroy a generated document

Each generated document can be destroyed and regenerated at any time. To apply an action to the invoice and/or packing slip, go to the order detail page and click on the specific button(s) on the right side.

Delete generated document

How to access to invoice generated by the plugin

Once generated, the invoice can be downloaded or open in a new window in the same browser, depending on the setting in plugin settings dashboard.

PDF invoice button behaviour

Admin side, access to invoice and/or shipping document occurs through the specific button in “WooCommerce Orders” or in order detail page.

Order page: invoice access

Order detail page: invoice access

User side, access to generated invoices occurs in “My account -> My Orders” section.

My account: download invoice