Print barcodes

To export all your product barcodes to a PDF file, we’ve added a dedicated tab in the plugin settings. Just go to YITH > Barcodes > Print Barcodes, where you can see the following:

print tab

  • Show product image: Choose whether to include the product image.
  • Show product name: Adds the product name to the printable product list.
  • Show product price: Adds the product price to the printable product list.
  • Show product sku: Adds product sku to the printable product list.
  • Show product short description: Adds the short description to the printable products list.

print barcodes

  • Number of columns: Number of columns you want to display in the printable list.
  • Print a barcode list of:
    • All products
    • All products including variations

This is an example of an export including all products, variations included, with name and image.

print barcodes by product
  • Print barcodes by product: With this specific option you can print the barcode of one product or variation only and you can also choose the quantity, so how many copies of the same barcode you need to have on the same file.