Enable barcodes for orders

Enable barcodes

To manage barcode in the order, open the plugin settings (YITH Plugins -> Barcodes and QR Codes) and activate the option Enable for products.

Enable barcode for orders

Choose protocol

Choose the barcode protocol you wish to use on your website: explore the Order barcode protocol and you will see a dropdown menu that you can use to select one among many different barcode types, such as EAN-13, STD-25 and QR CODE.


Create barcode

The barcode can be inserted manually or automatically by the system for each new order created.

If you want the plugin to handle this action, enable the New orders entry in the plugin settings dashboard. Create automtically barcode for new orders

If you prefer to insert the barcode manually, go to the order edit page and set the value through the related metabox shown in the image below.

Set barcode on order