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Enable barcodes for products

To have barcodes or QR codes for your products, just go to YITH > Barcodes > Product Barcodes and start configuring the options available in this tab.

General settings 1

  • Generate and apply barcodes to products: enable this option to enable barcodes or QR codes on products
  • Code type: choose between Barcode or QR code
  • Product barcode protocol: choose one of the available protocols (only available for barcodes). Available protocols:
    • EAN-13
    • EAN-8
    • UPC-A
    • STD 25
    • INT 25
    • CODE 39
    • CODE 93
    • CODE 128
    • Codabar
      For more details about the protocols and what could be the best for your project, please, refer to this page.
  • Generate the barcode using:
    • The product ID
    • The product SKU
    • The product URL
    • A custom field: you can choose any of the product custom fields

  • Generate and apply barcodes: use this option to automatically generate barcodes or QR codes for all your products in one click. You can choose whether to include:
    • All products (also barcodes that already have a barcode) or
    • Only products without a barcode
  • Enable manual barcode: enable this option so you can manually (re)generate the barcode from the product settings and/or enter a custom value. From here you can also delete the generated barcode.
    generate delete barcode product
  • Automatically generate and apply barcodes on new products: enable this option, so all products created from now on will automatically be created with a barcode.
  • Show barcodes in product page: choose whether to show the barcode on the product page on the frontend or not.
  • Show product barcodes in order emails: choose whether to show the product barcode in the Order confirmation email

Variable Products

The plugin allows creating barcodes also for every product variations. You will find the barcode/QR box generator in every product variation.

Please, note: all the above settings will apply to both barcodes and QR codes.