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Boost rules

Boost rules

From the section Boost results > Boost rules, you can create rules to increase the visibility of your products in search results. Click on Create Rule to start configuring options and conditions for products to get a higher visibility score and, as a consequence, show more in search results.

Rule options

Create new rule
  • Rule name: enter the name of the rule;
  • Boost value: enter a value between 0.1 and 50 to define the visibility multiplier for the products. A higher value will increase the products’ visibility;
  • Enable for a specific keyword: enable this option to apply the rule only when a keyword or sequence of terms is entered in the search field;
    • Keyword match: decide whether to apply the rule based on an exact or partial match of the user-entered text with the specified search terms;
    • Search terms: enter the terms to be considered as a keyword match;
  • Conditions: create conditions for the rule to be applied by choosing from:
    • Product category: add the product categories to include (Is) or exclude (Is not) to the related field;
    • Product tag: add the product tags to include (Is) or exclude (Is not) to the related field;
    • Stock status: choose whether the stock status must be (Is) In stock or Out of stock or not (Is not);
    • Product price: choose if the product price must be In range, Not in range, Lower than, or Greater than the values specified in the related fields;
Price range condition
Price range
Price greater than
Price greater than
  • Apply rule: choose whether the created rule should be applied if the results match all or any of the added conditions.


We have created a rule with categories (Shoes and Woman) and price conditions to boost products with prices higher than €30. We want the rule to apply when all the conditions match.

Boost rule example

When users execute their search, for example, to search for black products, the results will show as follows.

Boost rule on frontend