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Boost products

From the section Boost results > Boost products, you can create rules to increase the visibility of specific products in search results.

Boost products

Click on Choose product to start configuring a default value for products for which you want to get a higher visibility score and, as a consequence, show more in search results.

Select products to boost

From the modal, you can either search for a product in the dedicated field or select them from the products list.

Enter a value between 0.1 and 50 to define the visibility multiplier for the products through the option Boost value. A higher value will increase the products’ visibility.


Suppose we want to promote the gold products first among the search results when users search for a pair of earrings on our site. To achieve this, we will select gold earrings among the products and set their boost value to the maximum (50).

Boosted products

This will ensure that they are shown first in the search results, as shown in the image below.

Boost products example