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Store locator page

To work correctly, the plugin automatically creates the Store Locator page on your site through the shortcode [yith_store_locator].

Store Locator Page shortcode

The plugin offers different options to help you set your store locator page style. To do it, go to YITH -> Store Locator -> Store locator page tab where you will find four tabs to start configuring the options according to your needs.

From the tab General, you can enable the full-width layout and define the side and margins by entering the values (in px).

Store Locator page - General settings
Full-width layout
Configure store locator page layout-2

The available options are:

  • Page layout: select the position of map and search results choosing from Map right and Map left;
  • Map width (in %): enter the width of the map as a percentage. The default one is 65. Based on the value inserted, the width of the search results list will be calculated dynamically;
  • Map height (in pixel): enter the height of the map in pixels;
  • Show results in: select whether you want to  show results in a single column or two columns;
  • Scrollbar colors: choose the colors for the scrollbar used to navigate in results;
  • Scrollbar width: enter the value for the scrollbar width (in pixel) for the results section.