Store locator page layout

The plugin offers different options to help you set your store locator page style. To do it, go to the Store locator page tab and start configuring the options according to your needs.

Configure store locator page layout

Configure store locator page layout-2

The available options are:

  • Search bar and filters position: select the default position of the search bar and filters choosing from Above the map and Beside the map;
  • Full width page: if enabled, the store locator page will have a full-width layout;
  • Side margin in full width layout (px): (available if you enable the Full width page option) enter the values (in px) to set the side left and right margins for the content;
  • Page layout: select the position of map and search results choosing from Map right and Map left;
  • Map width (in %): enter the width of the map as a percentage. The default one is 65. Based on the value inserted, the width of the search results list will be calculated dynamically;
  • Map height (in pixel):¬†enter the height of the map in pixels;
  • Show results in: select whether you want to ¬†show results in a single column or two columns;
  • Scrollbar colors: choose the colors for the scrollbar used to navigate in results;
  • Scrollbar width: enter the value for the scrollbar width (in pixel) for the results section.