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Create new tab

To create a new tab click on the “Add new tab” button you find in “Tab manager” section.

add new tab

Based on selected typology, you can choose on which products to show the tab.

tab type

  • “Global Tab”: this is the default type, and it will be showed in every product.
  • “Category Tab”: the product category where the tab will be showed.
  • Product Tab: the product where the tab will be showed.

Tab priority

With the priority tab option, you can show the tabs in the product detail page in the order you wish.

Tab settings priority

When you assign a priority value to the tab, consider the values already used for WooCommerce tabs:

  • 10: tab “Description”
  • 20: tab “Additional information”
  • 30: tab “Reviews

For example, if you want your new tab to be shown between the “Description” and “Additional Information” WooCommerce tabs, you should insert a priority value ranging from 10 to 20.


The last step is to select the layouts in the “Layout” section of the new tab settings dashboard.

tab layout

After selecting the layout type, you can choose to show a single content for the tab on all products, or to customize it in the product edit page. For the first case, enable “Use the content for all products” and insert the content in the ‘tab content’ field below.

tab content

For the second case, ‘Tab content‘ is enabled on all related products (depending on selected tab layout type), but it will be shown only after setting its content in product edit page.

tab content

WooCommerce tabs

For each product of the shop the plugin gives you the possibility to hide WooCommerce default tabs or to change their contents. Go to the “WooCommerce Tab” section of product edit page and select the option to override or hide the tab.

WooCommerce tabs