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Manage payment operations directly with webhooks

Webhooks configuration lets administrators manage the payment operations directly from the account linked to Stripe.
Let us give you an example. We want to make a refund: once logged in to the Stripe account, you have two Refund options, partial or complete. In the first case, in the “Order” section of WooCommerce, the correspondent order will be set as “Completed”; in the second case, if the refund will be “Total”, the order will be set as “Refunded”. In both cases, a line with the refunded amount will be added in the “Refund” section of the order.

The plugin is already configured for Webhooks, you just have to add the URL you can find in the options panel to your account, as shown below.

How to configure webhooks
Add an endpoint

If you have correctly configured the API keys for your account, you can just click on the following button to configure the webhooks automatically.

Webhooks configuration shortcut

For further information about webhooks, please read the documentation.