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Elements to show

From the tab Product of the plugin panel, you can choose the product information to show right inside the “quick view” modal window from the following:

  • image
  • name
  • rating
  • price
  • excerpt
  • product meta

Furthermore, you can enable the option to show the full description rather than the short description.

How to select elements to show in the quick view modal


The plugin default behavior implies for all product thumbnails to be shown in a classic mode, as provided by WooCommerce. However, you can choose to show them with the “Slider” mode or completely hide them.

Thumbnail types in the quick view


Quick view - thumbnails with classic mode

Add to cart options

“Add to cart” button can be added right inside the modal window to allow users to add the product directly from the section they are visiting.
If you want this process to take place in ajax, enable “Enable Ajax Add To Cart” option in YITH > Quick View > Product.

Add to cart options for quick view

On the contrary, if you want to redirect users to the “Checkout” page after they added the product to the cart, enable the option “Redirect to checkout after add to cart”.

If you want the popup to close automatically after the add to cart action, enable the option Close popup after “Add to cart”.

Show add to cart button in quick view



To let users share the Quick View content on social networks, you must enable the option Enable share and select the socials you want to show. The social networks available are Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, alternatively, they can send an email.

Share options in quick view

Share options