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Social network sharing

You can activate the sharing of the comparison table on one of the offered social network sites or via email.
In order to configure the sharing options go to “YITH > Compare -> Social Network Sites Sharing”.

Social network sites sharing


  • Enable Sharing: activate/deactivate social network sites sharing.
  • Show sharing in: choose whether to add the sharing buttons in the modal window and/or in the “Compare” page.
  • Select Social Network Sites: the sites to enable the sharing. Choose from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or email (in this case, the click of the users will open the email service installed on their PC).
  • Title for Social Network Sharing: title for the sharing message of the comparison table.
  • Text for Social Network Sharing: text for the sharing message of the comparison table.

In order to allow the sharing through Facebook, you need to register and configure an App. Follow the official documentation