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General notes

The plugin allows your users to compare two or more products by adding them to the comparison table through a specific button. The Compare button is available on the shop page and the product page.

Shop page
Product page
Product page

The products will show in a comparison table displayed on the page as a popup.


General settings

General settings - free version

In the tab Settings, you can find all the plugin global settings that are:

  • Link or Button: choose whether to use a link or a button to let your users add products to the comparison table;
  • Link/Button text: the text of the link or the button used to add the products to the comparison table;
  • Show button on the single product page: enable to show the button on the product page;
  • Show button in products list: enable to show the button on the Shop page;
  • Open automatically lightbox: by enabling this option, the modal window of the comparison table will automatically open when users add a product for the comparison by clicking on the related button.

Table settings

To configure the settings related to the comparison table, go to YITH > Compare > Settings > Table settings.

Table settings - free version

Here you will find the following options:

  • Table title: the title of the table which shows only if the comparison table is set as a modal window;
  • Fields to show: product fields to add to the table. When you create a new attribute in WooCommerce, it will be available in this line.
    The field arrangement can be modified with a drag-and-drop action of the available entries;
  • Repeat “Price” field: by enabling this option, the price of each product will be replicated in the related column in the lowest part of the table;
  • Repeat “Add to cart” field: by enabling this option, the Add to cart button will be replicated in the related column in the lowest part of the table;
  • Image size: the size of the product images in the comparison table.
    In case the images don’t show correctly, we suggest regenerating the product images.

Shortcode & widget

Shortcode – Compare button

If you’re building your product pages using a page builder, you may need to show the “Compare” button using a shortcode. You can use this one:


Compare button shortcode

Widget – list of products

The YITH WooCommerce Compare widget shows the list of products that users have added to the comparison table.



With the plugin, you can add an entry to your menu that your users can use to open the modal window with the comparison table.

Go to the WordPress menu section, add a customized menu entry, and assign it to the yith-woocompare-open class.