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General settings

The plugin allows your users to compare two or more products of the shop by adding them to the comparison table through a specific button available on the shop page and/or on the product detail page.

Shop page
Shop page
Product page
Product page

The products will be shown to the user in a comparison table displayed as a page or as a popup.


In the general settings section, you can set up the following global options:

General settings

  • Link or Button: choose whether to use a link or a button to let your users add a product to the comparison table;
  • Page or Popup: the comparison table can be shown as a popup or within a page.
    Select ‘Popup‘ if you don’t want your users to leave the page or select ‘Page‘ if you prefer showing the comparison table on a dedicated page;
  • Choose Compare Page: the Compare page is automatically created. Yet, if you want to use another specific one, make sure you include the [yith_woocompare_table] shortcode on that page and select the new page from this dropdown;
  • Link/Button text: the text of the link and/or the button used to add the products to the comparison table;
  • Link/Button text for products already in compare: the text of the link and/or the button to let users know the product has been already added to the comparison table;
  • Show button in single product page: show/hide the button on the product detail page;
  • Show button in products list: show/hide the button on the Shop page.
  • Open lightbox automatically: by enabling this option, the modal window of the comparison table will automatically open when users will add a product for the comparison by clicking on the related button;
  • Open lightbox when adding the second item: the modal window will automatically open when users add a second item to the comparison table. This behavior can be useful to avoid showing a comparison table with just one element;
  • Compare by category: by enabling this option, all the products added to the comparison table will be divided by category so that the comparison will be done only for products of the same category.

Category filter

  • Exclude category: through this option, you can set the categories of the products you don’t want to allow to be compared;
  • Reverse exclusion list: on the contrary, if you want only these products to be compared, you just need to enable thisĀ option.