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Dummy settings

The first settings you see in the ‘Placeholders & Dummy info’ tab, refer to the dummy settings. You can decide to use or not use the user’s geolocation to show notifications of the same country.

Use geolocation of user

temporary dummy

  • Dummy customer’s names and locations: Here you can write a list of names of random ‘dummy’ customers that will appear only on dummy order notifications. 
Example: As you are using the geolocation, the user will see the name of the ‘dummy’ customer and the same country as he is in. For example I am from Spain and I am checking out the webpage. I will see “John Doe from Spain has just purchased xx”, as it automatically takes my location.
Not use geolocation of user

Dummy customer names and location

When you decide not to use the gelocation of the user, the page looks different.

  • Dummy customer’s names and locations: Here you can write both the name and country/city of the ‘dummy’ customer, that will appear only on dummy order notifications. 
Example: Regardless if I am coming from Spain or from the United States, I will randomly see names and countries/cities of different people. “Yadis from Santa Fé purchased xx” or “Rafael from Madrid purchased xx”. 


The user names will be shown randomly, the plugin does not follow any order. You need to enter he names (and locations) one-by-one, it is not possible to bulk-import names and locations.