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Create a new notification

When installing the plugin for the first time, this is what your ‘Notifications’ tab looks like:

No notifications yet

An empty page with a button to create your first notification. By clicking on this button, a popup will appear that lets you choose the notification type.

Popup create new notification

There are 7 notifications types included in this plugin by default:

  1. Simple: A Basic notification – no special added options.
  2. Coupon: A notification designed to share a coupon.
  3. TestimonialsShow testimonials of your site.
  4. Real order: Show a notification based on real orders.
  5. Dummy order: Show a notification based on dummy orders.
  6. CounterShow how many people are checking out the same item.
  7. Social – Follow usShow a notification referring to social media.

The following chapters explain how to create each notification type.