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Display rules

From the ‘Display rules’ tab you can manage the duration and interval of the notifications.

Display rules

  • For a session duration of: xx minutes/hours show max xx notifications.
    • Decide to show a specific number of notifications in a time set.
  • Max notifications for page: Enter the max number of notifications to show on the same page.
Example: during a time frame of 1 hour, a maximum of 10 notifications will be shown. When either the notifications or time runs out, the customer will stop seeing notifications.

When closing the web page, the settings will be restored, and the count will start again if the customer comes back.

Random interval options

  • Initial random delay: Set the time interval (in seconds) to show the first notification.
  • Random time between notifications: Set the time interval (in seconds) to show the next notification.
  • Hide notifications after a specific time: Decide if the notifications will close automatically.
    • Hide notifications after: Define the number of seconds or minutes.
Example: A client comes in and after 25 seconds he will see the first notification (set between 10 – 40 seconds). This notification will close by itself after 15 seconds. It takes 12 seconds for the customer to see the next notification (set between 10 – 20 seconds). It will be closed automatically and the process repeats itself with another random interval.

No autoclose fixed seconds

If you decide not to auto-close the notification, the customer will have to close it himself. In that case, the next notification will be shown after a fixed time.
  • If the user closes a notification, wait: xx number of seconds or minutes before another notification is shown.