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General settings

In YITH > Easy Order Page > General Settings you will be able to configure the options that will apply to all your lists throughout your website.

Product variations in table view: set how to manage product variations in the lists (valid only if you choose the Table layout):

  • Hide variations and select the default option
  • Show variations and selections in the product table
  • Show variations and selections next to the “Add to Cart” button

Product detail page: choose the behavior to view the product detail:

  • Hide the product detail page
  • Open in a modal window
  • Open in a different browser tab
  • Open in the same product list page
Product details shown in a modal window

Show the short description under the product name: enable to show the short product description below the title instead of a separate column. Option available only for Table style.

Description under product name
Description under product name
Description in a separate column.jpg
Description in a separate column

Show cart widget: enable to show the cart widget at the bottom of the page.

Display cart widget in: select the pages where you want to show the cart widget

Disable cart widget if empty: enable to prevent the cart widget from showing if the cart is empty

Cart widget style:

  • Floating: it will be displayed in the lower right corner but away from the bottom of the page, like it’s floating.
  • Sticky: it will be displayed in the lower right corner lying on the bottom of the page.
Floating cart
Sticky cart

Show cart widget on mobile: enable to show the sticky cart on mobile devices.

Show “Total” section: enable to show the “Total” section below the product list.

Show “Proceed to checkout” button: enable to show the “Proceed to checkout” button below the product list. You can customize this text from the Style tab.

Total section and Proceed to checkout button

Move on to Style >