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Product lists

To start configuring your lists of products, let’s go to the plugin settings panel at YITH > Easy Order Page > Product lists.

Here is where you can find all your product lists and copy the shortcode to paste everywhere you need to.

On the right side, you will find three icons that allow you to edit, duplicate or trash each of them.

Product lists

The first time you’ll use the plugin, you will find this page empty but you can create your first list from here by simply clicking on the “+ Add list” button.

Add new list

Product list options

As a first step, you will be asked to give a name to your list:

Name the list

Then, you will find three tabs to configure all the options.

  1. Product selection
  2. Display options
  3. Visibility rules

Product selection

From the first tab in the list options, you can set which products will be showing up in your list.

Product lists - product selection

Create a list that includes:

  • All products
  • Only specific products, categories or tags: you can select one or more products/categories/tags
  • Exclude products: you can further filter your list by enabling this option and exclude some products from your previously selected items.

For example, in the above screenshot, we decided to show all products in the “Muffins & Cupcakes” category except for one, the “Vanilla muffin with chocolate chips – sugar-free”.

Move on to Display options >

Display options

In the second tab of the list settings, you will be able to set the list Display options.

Display options

Show the “Add to Cart” button for each product: enable to show the “Add to Cart” button for each product.

“Add all to cart” button: this button allows your users to add all the products in the list to the cart in just one click. Choose whether to show it or not and its position related to the table:

  • Show below and above
  • Show below
  • Show above
  • Do not show

Products per page: if in the option above you have set up “Do not show“, you will see this additional option appear that allows setting the number of products per page. If the products are more, the plugin will automatically paginate them.

Products sorting: choose how the products in the list will be ordered:

  • Alphabetically A-Z
  • Alphabetically Z-A
  • By listed: newest to oldest
  • By listed: oldest to newest
  • By price: low to high
  • By price: high to low
  • By SKU: low to high
  • By SKU: high to low
Product sorting

  • Horizontal table
  • Grid
Horizontal table or grid
Horizontal table layout
Horizontal table
Grid layout

Product info to show: choose which product elements to show in the product table:

  • Images
  • Prices
  • SKU
  • Short description
  • Stock
  • Rating

Quantity and “Add to Cart” style (only available for Table style): choose the style for the quantity selector and the “add to cart” button in the list:

Quantity and "Add to Cart" style
  • Traditional quantity and “Add to cart” button
  • Theme quantity and “Add to cart” button
  • Modern quantity and “Add to cart” button
  • Modern quantity and “Add to cart” in “+” style
Traditional quantity and Add to cart button
Traditional quantity and Add to cart button
Theme quantity and Add to cart button
Theme quantity and Add to cart button
Modern quanitity and "Add to cart" button
Modern quantity and “Add to cart” button
Modern quantity and Add to cart in "+" style
Modern quantity and Add to cart in “+” style

Show filters: enable to show filters above the products list; your users will be able to filter the products based on what they are looking for.

Filters to show:

  • Sort by
  • Category select
  • Tag select
  • Search by name
  • Search by SKU

Move on to Visibility rules >

Visibility rules

From the third tab in the list options, you will be able to set the Visibility rules and so choose which users and user roles will be able to see this specific list.

Show the list to:

  • All visitors
  • Only logged users: only registered users will be able to see this list after logging in.
  • Only specific users or user roles: you can pick specific users and exclude some anyway from the option below.

For example, the above settings allow only Shop managers to see this specific product list.

Exclude users: enable this option and select specific users that you want to exclude; they will not be able to see the list.

Users that are not allowed to see the list will see a custom message that informs about limited permissions.

Move on to the General settings >

General settings

In YITH > Easy Order Page > General Settings you will be able to configure the options that will apply to all your lists throughout your website.

Product variations in table view: set how to manage product variations in the lists (valid only if you choose the Table layout):

  • Hide variations and select the default option
  • Show variations and selections in the product table
  • Show variations and selections next to the “Add to Cart” button

Product detail page: choose the behavior to view the product detail:

  • Hide the product detail page
  • Open in a modal window
  • Open in a different browser tab
  • Open in the same product list page
Product details shown in a modal window

Show the short description under the product name: enable to show the short product description below the title instead of a separate column. Option available only for Table style.

Description under product name
Description under product name
Description in a separate column.jpg
Description in a separate column

Show cart widget: enable to show the cart widget at the bottom of the page.

Display cart widget in: select the pages where you want to show the cart widget

Disable cart widget if empty: enable to prevent the cart widget from showing if the cart is empty

Cart widget style:

  • Floating: it will be displayed in the lower right corner but away from the bottom of the page, like it’s floating.
  • Sticky: it will be displayed in the lower right corner lying on the bottom of the page.
Floating cart
Sticky cart

Show cart widget on mobile: enable to show the sticky cart on mobile devices.

Show “Total” section: enable to show the “Total” section below the product list.

Show “Proceed to checkout” button: enable to show the “Proceed to checkout” button below the product list. You can customize this text from the Style tab.

Total section and Proceed to checkout button

Move on to Style >


From this Style tab, you can customize all colors and some more style options. Let’s check them all one by one.

Product images width (px) in table view: set the width for all product images in the list. The image height will be scaled automatically. This option only applies if you’ve selected the Horizontal table view in the Display options.

Pagination style: choose whether lists with pagination will have to show a Load more button or will show more products by infinite scroll.

Cart widget colors:

  • Text
  • “Pay now” text
  • “Pay now” background
  • Badge (counter for products in cart) text
  • List shadow
  • Background
  • “Pay now” text hover
  • “Pay now” background hover
  • Badge background

Cart widget icon:

  • No icon
  • Use the default icon
  • Upload a custom icon

More colors for all the other sections of the list.

“Add to Cart” style colors: these are the colors of the “+” button when you choose Grid mode (Product on the left in the screenshot below).

Add to cart “+” icon alternative colors: when you select the Grid display mode, you can highlight the cart buttons of those products that have already been added to the cart with different colors, the alternative colors.

In the screenshot below, the product on the right is showing the alternative colors:

“Add to cart” button style: these are the colors of the traditional “Add to cart” button

“Total” section colors: colors of the box where the total price of products added to the cart is displayed.
“Proceed to Checkout” button colors
“Proceed to Checkout” label: enter here a custom text for this button.

“Load more” button:

Product wrapper: you can customize the colors of both the border and the shadow

Gutenberg & shortcodes

The plugin includes a custom Gutenberg block called Product list that you can add on any page of your site also multiple times and choose the list from the dedicated option in the block settings.

Additionally, for every product list that you create, the plugin generates a custom shortcode that you can use to display that specific list wherever you need to. You can find it on the Product lists main page.

List shortcodes