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Need more options? Check the premium features

This version of our plugin works like a charm, but the premium one is an even more powerful tool to increase sales and conversions. By upgrading to the premium version, you can:

  • Manage the stock of each gift card product
  • Enable an optional QR code in gift cards
  • Import and export gift cards into a CSV file
  • Allow users to enter a custom amount (and set a minimum and/or maximum amount)
  • Allow users to upload a custom image or photo to customize the gift card
  • Choose to attach a PDF version of the gift card to the related email
  • Notify the sender via email when the gift card is delivered to the recipient
  • Allow users to enter the gift card code into the standard coupon code field (instead of showing two different fields in the cart and checkout)
  • Create a custom page where users can check their gift cards’ balance
  • Enable the “Gift this product” option on product pages to sell gift cards linked to specific products
  • … And so much more!