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Let your users know that the product they are viewing, is often purchased in combination with another product in the shop (see an example below).

example frontend

In the product edit page, you will find the “Frequently Bought Together” tab, where you can decide which products you want to add. The tab is added as soon as the plugin is activated.

Frequently bought together tab

There are several options to choose from, to fill the ‘frequently bought together box’ on the frontend:
  • Use related: products related by tags and/or categories.
  • Use cross-sells: these are the cross-sells products that you set up in the standard WooCommerce tab “Linked products”.
  • Use up-sells: these are the upsells products that you set up in the standard WooCommerce tab “Linked products”.
    FBT linked products
  • Custom products: select the products yourself.product type to show
The main product will always be shown among those listed in the “Frequently Bought Together” section.
  • Select products: select the products you want to show in combination with the main product.

Show products

There are 3 options to show the products on the frontpage:

  • Show all selected products
  • Show randomly a limited number of products
  • Show the products checked/unchecked

Show all selected products

show all settings
  • Select products: Select the products to show in the ‘frequently bought’ box.
  • Show all: Decide to show all selected products.
show products frontend2

We see 3 products; the current product and the other two are the products we have selected to be shown.

Show randomly a limited number of products

show products settings
  • Select products: Select the products to show in the ‘frequently bought’ box (you can add them by name, ID, and SKU).
  • Show randomly a limited number of products: Decide to only show a number of selected products randomly.
  • Number of products to show randomly: Decide how many products to show, excluding the current one.
example show limited

We see 2 products; the current product and only one other product is shown because we have set the limit to 1. 

Show checked/unchecked

Show products unchecked
  • Show products unchecked: Turn to ‘NO’ if you want to show the products automatically checked. (Once they are checked a thumbnail will be shown).
  • Set additional text: Type a text to be shown in the Frequently Bought box.
example unchecked

We don’t see any thumbnails, because the unchecked option is set to ‘yes’. The user can manually select the products he wants, and the extra text is also visible.

Apply discount

If you wish to apply a discount to the linked products in the Frequently Bought Together box, you will first have to enable the option. You can find this option within the product editing page.

apply discount settings
  • Discount type: There are 2 options to choose from; a percentage discount or a fixed amount.
  • Apply conditions to discount: Decide to set certain rules in order to get this discount.
  • Minimum spend: The discount will only apply with a subtotal of at least xx.
  • Minimum product chosen: The discount will only apply when at least xx number of products are chosen.
discount frontend

The discount is shown because we have selected a minimum of 2 products and the subtotal is above 20$

no discount frontend

No discount is shown although we do comply with the minimum 20$ subtotal, we have only selected 1 product, and the minimum to get the discount is 2.

General settings

General settings
  • Box title: Edit the section title where the customer can find the related products.
  • Image size: Set the image sizes for the products shown in the “Frequently Bought Together” section on the product detail page.
Image size

If you enable the option “Hard Crop“, you will have to regenerate the images in your shop.

Discount options
  • Redirect to checkout: The customer will be redirected to checkout automatically.
  • Discount name: Name of the discount that will be visible in cart and checkout.
  • Highlight discount: Show the discounted price highlighted in the Frequently bought box.
discount highlighted

You can manage the discount percentage/amount at product level, from the product editing page.

Box position and loader
  • Box position: Decide where the section “Frequently Bought Together” is shown:
    • Below product summary
    • Above product tabs
    • Below product tabs
    • Use shortcode [ywfbt_form product_id=””]
    • Above product meta
  • Loader image: upload a custom icon to display when the box is loading products or options.

Label and style options

Total table options

Label options
  • Total label for single, double or three product(s): Change the text shown above the add to cart button in the “frequently bought” section.
Button label options
  • Button label for single, double or three product(s): Change the text of the add to cart button in the “frequently bought” section.
text label

You can customize it for one, two, or three products. If more than 3 products will be shown to users, the text added in the option “Total label for multiple products” and “Button label for multiple products” will be shown.

If users exclude one of these products and add the other to the cart, the text will be dynamically updated according to the values specified for each option.

Users can select variation(s), if any, of the products added to the frequently bought together section directly from the popup. To configure texts and colors of the form, button, and popup, you can use the following options:

  • Variation pick button label: Text of the button that opens the popup to select the product variation.
  • Popup title: Title of the popup from where users can select the product variation.
  • Popup button label: Text of the ‘Add to cart’ button in the popup.
Variation options

By using the following options, you can edit the color and text for the popup:

  • Form background color
  • Button Color
  • Button Hover Color
  • Button Text Color
  • Button Text Hover Color

Frequently bought together with variable products – ‘view options’

view options

Popup to select the product variation

popup choice

Linked products

The ‘Linked Products‘ tab includes a list with all products shown in the “Frequently Bought Together” section.

The products in the ‘product‘ column are products that contain a ‘Frequently Bought Together’ box. The products in the ‘Linked Products‘ column are the products that you will find inside the ‘Frequently Bought Together’ box.

Linked products

You have the option to delete all linked products in one click or delete the products one by one.


The plugin is ready to use with the block editor. When you add a new post or page, you will be able to find YITH shortcode. With a simple click, it will be added to your page.

Frequently Bought gutenburg

YITH Added to Cart Popup

YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup lets you open a popup window automatically every time you add a product to the cart. In the popup you can see a summary of all products in it, the total price, up-sells and cross-sells products and more.

The integration with YITH Frequently Bought Together will let the Cart popup open automatically whenever one or more products from the Frequently Bought Together section are added to the cart.

If both plugins are installed and activated, you will be able to enable a new option on the settings page: YITH > Added to Cart Popup > General options > Enable for “Frequently Bought Together” button.

Integration with YITH Added to Cart Popup

If you add one or more products from the Frequently Bought Together section, the popup will open including all of them and any possible discount that had been set up through Frequently Bought Together plugin:

Integration with YITH Added to Cart Popup

To read more about YITH Added to Cart plugin, please, refer to the plugin documentation here.

YITH Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is a plugin that allows your customers to arrange the products they are interested in one or more wishlists. This process allows them to check these products back again at a later moment and eventually proceed to purchase them.

Thanks to the integration between the premium version of the plugins it will be possible to add a slider to the wishlist page showing products that are frequently bought together with the wishlist items.

Once you have activated both plugins, a new menu will appear within the Frequently Bought Together plugin settings > ‘Slider in wishlist’.

Integration with YITH Wishlist

Here you can change the title of the slider, the number of products to show, and what product information to show within the slider.

On the wishlist page you will see the slider with linked products and the added options.

wishlist frontend integration

For more information about setting up the wishlist plugin, check out the complete documentation here.