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YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together lets the users know that the product they are viewing, is often purchased in combination with another product in the shop (see an example below).

frequently bought

Each product can be associated with one or more items: Go to WooCommerce Products -> open an existing product or add a new product.

In the product detail page you will find the “Frequently Bought Together” tab, where you can add products. The tab will be added as soon as the plugin is activated.

Frequently bought together tab

Choose to use “related products” as frequently bought together options, or select products yourself.
related products
  • Select products: select the products you want to show in combination with the main product.
  • Select number of products: specify the number of products you want to show. (in case this value is lower than selected products above, the products will be shown randomly each time the product detail page is refreshed).

The main product will always be shown among those listed in “Frequently Bought Together” section.

By enabling the “Show products unchecked” option, all products in the frequently bought group will be shown as unchecked by default in the form.
With the Additional text option you can add a text below the “frequently bought together” title.
You can set a discount to the frequently bought together group, there are 2 options to choose from; percentage or fixed amount.
  • Minimum spend: the minimum subtotal of this group which is needed to apply the discount.
  • Minimum product chosen: the minimum number of products needed in this group to get the discount.