Select products

Let your users know that the product they are viewing, is often purchased in combination with another product in the shop (see an example below).

example frontend

In the product edit page you will find the “Frequently Bought Together” tab, where you can decide which products you want to add. The tab is added as soon as the plugin is activated.

Frequently bought together tab

There are several options to choose from, to fill the ‘frequently bought together box’ on the frontend:
  • Use related: products related by tags and/or categories.
  • Use cross-sells: related to the whole cart content.
  • Use up-sells: related to a single product.
  • Custom products: select the products yourself.
product type to show

The main product will always be shown among those listed in “Frequently Bought Together” section.

  • Select products: select the products you want to show in combination with the main product.