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Apply discount

If you wish to apply a discount to the linked products in the Frequently Bought Together box, you will first have to enable the option. You can find this option within the product editing page.

apply discount settings
  • Discount type: There are 2 options to choose from; a percentage discount or a fixed amount.
  • Apply conditions to discount: Decide to set certain rules in order to get this discount.
  • Minimum spend: The discount will only apply with a subtotal of at least xx.
  • Minimum product chosen: The discount will only apply when at least xx number of products are chosen.
discount frontend

The discount is shown because we have selected a minimum of 2 products and the subtotal is above 20$

no discount frontend

No discount is shown although we do comply with the minimum 20$ subtotal, we have only selected 1 product, and the minimum to get the discount is 2.