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General settings

general settings frequently

  • Box title: Edit the section title where the customer can find the related products.
  • Image size: Set the image sizes for the products shown in the “Frequently Bought Together” section on the product detail page.
  • Redirect to checkout: The customer will be redirected to checkout automatically.

Image size

If you enable the option “Hard Crop“, you will have to regenerate the images in your shop.

general settings 2

  • Discount name: Name of the discount that will be visible in cart and checkout.
  • Highlight discount: Show the discounted price highlighted in the Frequently bought box.

discount highlighted

You can manage the discount percentage/amount at product level, from the product editing page.

  • Box position: Decide where the section “Frequently Bought Together” is shown:
    • Below product summary
    • Above product tabs
    • Below product tabs
    • Use shortcode [ywfbt_form product_id=””]
    • Above product meta
  • Loader image: upload a custom icon to display when the box is loading products or options.