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Specific amount spent coupon

Depending on the amount spent by your customers, you can send them a coupon to encourage those who didn’t spend too much yet or to reward those who always purchase in your shop and stay loyal.

Amount thresholds option specify the thresholds for which you want to send the email.
Each threshold has the following elements:

  • Target value: total amount that users have to be spent to receive the email with the coupon.
  • Coupon assigned: the coupon to send to users with the email once reached the threshold.

As we always say, you are free to personalize the email subject and content to send your thoughts or to use marketing strategies to catch more sale. It’s in your hands.

new screen specific amount spent

This coupon is based on the TOTAL amount of money spend an ALL orders EVER by a specific customers. For example, when the customer reaches an amount of $ 500,-.