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Birthday coupon

Don’t you think is a nice feeling when people remember your birthday?

Well, with our plugin, you have to option to send a coupon code for your users birthdays. Will be as a gift and…who doesn’t like gifts?

In Coupon settings option you can choose:

  • Discount typepercentage, fixed cart or fixed product discount
  • Coupon discount: the amount you want to set for the coupon
  • Expiry dates after coupon release: set after how many days the coupon created and sent should expire
  • Minimum spent: minimum amount spent to have access to the coupon
  • Maximum spent: maximum amount spent to benefit from the coupon
  • Use checkboxes: Mark if you want to allow free shipping, use individual use only or exclude sale items

The coupon will be generated dynamically, single-used and it can be used only by the user who receives it.

new screen birthday coupon

How do users add their date of birth?

If you set up the birthday coupon in the plugin settings, then, a box will appear on the Checkout and in My Account page, where customers can select their own birthday.