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How can I get support if my WooCommerce plugin is not working?

If you have problems with our plugins or something is not working as it should, first follow this preliminary steps:

  • Test the plugin with a WordPress default theme, to be sure that the error is not caused by the theme you are currently using.
  • Deactivate all plugins you are using and check if the problem is still occurring.
  • Ensure that you plugin version, your theme version and your WordPress and WooCommerce version (if required) are updated and that the problem you are experiencing has not already been solved in a later plugin update.

If none of the previous listed actions helps you solve the problem, then, submit a ticket in the forum and describe your problem accurately, specify WordPress and WooCommerce versions you are using and any other information that might help us solve your problem as quickly as possible.
If you are using the premium version of the plugin, we invite you ask for assistance in our support desk.

How many attributes can I use for each product?

There’s no limit in the amount of attributes you may use. You can create many variations for each product using the configured attributes.

My users found some issues when selecting attributes on products. They cannot switch from one attribute to the other of the same type.

This is a known issue, which does not depend on a malfunctioning, though,, but on the fact that WooCommerce requires the chosen attribute to be deselected before another of the same type could be selected.

Are variations greyed out or hidden when they are not in use?

When an attribute is selected, you can choose to either hide or blur (grey out) the other attributes that are not in use. You can choose this on the option called Attribute behavior that you find in the plugin settings. Read more about it here.

Yet, if you want to have them greyed out if out of stock, unfortunately, this is not possible, I’m sorry.