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To have access to the plugin settings dashboard go to YITH -> Color and Label Variations.

General settings

In this section, you can configure the following options:

  • Attribute behavior: choose attribute style after selection. You can either hide or blur the not-selected attributes.
  • Enable Tooltip: if this option is enabled, you can add a tooltip for each attribute created.


  • Tooltip position: show the tooltip either above or below the selected attribute variation
  • Tooltip animation: animation of the tooltip (Fade in/Slide in)
  • Tooltip background: background color of the tooltip


  • Show attribute description: show/hide the description for each attribute on the product detail page
  • Enable plugin in archive page: this allows you to show product attributes even in archive shop page

general settings 2


  • Form position: place form before or after Add to cart button
  • Enable AJAX form in archive pages: AJAX handling for the variations form
  • Label for “Add to cart” button: enter here the text to show in “Add to Cart” button when a variation has been selected in shop page
  • Change product image on hover: change the product image when the mouse hovers the concerned attribute.
    Please note: the feature is available only for the products which have a single attribute per variation configured
  • Show custom attributes on “Additional Information” Tab: show custom attributes style on “Additional Information” Tab instead of simple text.

additional info