Exclusion list 2.0

In the second tab of the plugin settings, you will be able to set up the so-called Exclusion List. Let’s see what it is for and how it can be configured to meet your needs.

Go to YITH > Catalog Mode > Exclusion List and click on Add new to add a new rule to this list.

Please, consider that these rules only work if you’ve previously set the global settings for “Add to Cart” settings in Catalog Mode and Price settings in Catalog Mode to Items in the Exclusion list only.

Then, start creating the first rule for products, categories or tags.

  • Item type: first of all, you can choose here if the rule applies to one or more ProductsCategories or Tags.
  • Select products/categories/tags: add here one or more products, categories or tags, based on what you’ve selected in the above option.
  • Use custom options for “Add to Cart”: if you enable this option you will be able to override the options for the Add to Cart button below:
    • Set “Add to Cart” as: visible or invisible. If you choose to hide this button, you can replace it with a custom button in the below options:
      • Replace “Add to Cart” in product page with
      • Replace “Add to Cart” in shop page with
  • Use custom options for price: enable this option to override the global settings.
    • Set price as: choose whether to show or hide the price. If hidden, you’ll be able to replace it with a custom button in the option below:
      • Replace price with: choose one of your custom buttons. Read more about how to set a new one here.

You can create as many exclusion rules as you wish, for Products, Categories and Tags. They will be listed here and you will be able to see a quick summary of the rule and how the behaviour of Add to Cart button and Price have been overridden:

Yet, if you want to override the settings of a product right from the product page, you can. Please, refer to this page.