YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages

YITH WooCommerce Cart Messages is an extension designed for those who wish to create custom messages that will be displayed in one or more pages in the website (Product page, Archive page, Cart, and Checkout page). Messages can be displayed at all times or only for specific products in the cart.

Thanks to this integration, each custom message you have created can be shown in the automatic popup (by using YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup) when a product is added to cart.

After installing and activating both plugins, you can create your custom messages in WooCommerce -> YITH Cart Messages. Here, you will find the option Show on “Added to Cart” popup that, if enabled, will allow you to show the message right inside the popup that will open after adding the product to cart.





YITH Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts you can create almost any sort of price rule and discounts for your shop, both quantity based discounts and cart discounts.

By combining this plugin with YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup the discounted price will also be visible in the add-to-cart popup.

To enable this feature, just make sure that the premium version of both plugins has been installed and activated from the Plugins page. No other option needs to be enabled.

Here you find an example of how the discounted price will show also in the popup window.

As you can see, there’s a rule that gives a quantity discount on the product YITH Backpack:

  • 20% off for 2 products
  • 40% off for 3 to 5 products
  • 50% off for 6 or more products


If you add 4 items to the cart, you’ll see a 40% discount, and the product price is discounted of 40% ($6.00 instead of $10.00).

added to cart popup1

For any further details about YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts, please, refer to the official plugin documentation here.

YITH Frequently Bought Together

YITH WooCommerce Frequently Bought Together allows you to suggest a group of selected products on the product page to encourage users to buy more products and offer them at a discounted price also.

The integration with YITH Added to Cart Popup will let the Cart popup open automatically whenever one or more products from the Frequently Bought Together section are added to the cart.

If both plugins are installed and activated, you will be able to enable a new option on the settings page: YITH Plugins > Added to Cart Popup > Settings > Enable for “Frequently Bought Together” button.

Integration with Frequently Bought Together

This is how the Frequently Bought Together section looks like:

frequently frontend click

And this is the products added to the popup, including any discount set up through Frequently Bought Together plugin:

Frequently frontend popup

To read more about YITH Frequently Bought Together plugin, please, refer to the plugin documentation here.

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles

YITH WooCommerce Product Bundles is an extension conceived to create bundles with the combination of some products of your shop. You can assign an ad-hoc price to the bundle or a price given by the sum of the single elements contained in the bundle itself.

This integration allows enabling the YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup features also on all the “Bundle” products of your shop.

Once installed and activated both plugins, you will be able to show a popup when users add a bundle product to their cart.


YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

Do you want to offer your users the possibility to see a popup window with all the products added to the quote list?

Thanks to the integration between the premium versions of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote and YITH WooCommerce Added to Cart Popup, this is possible! And there’s more, your users will also be able to submit a quote request from the popup window, without having to leave the page. Make things easier and quicker for your users!

Let’s see how to configure this integration.

Make sure you have installed and activated the premium version of both plugins. Then, go to YITH Plugins > Added to Cart > Settings, scroll down the page and enable the option Enable for “Request a Quote” button.

Integration with Added to Cart popup

That’s all! From now on, a popup will open also every time your users add a product to the quote list. The popup content will show the entire content of the Request a Quote page, so the list of products added and the form through which they can submit a quote request to the site admin.

Added to Cart - Request a Quote Integration

For more configuration options for the Request a Quote page, please, refer to the official documentation of YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote.