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Can I use this plugin for commission payments in YITH Multi Vendor?

Yes, it’s possible. You can use these two plugins together.

The integration with Multi Vendor allows the admin to split the price of one or more products between the vendor and the admin immediately after the checkout and based on the commission rate that you’ve agreed with them.

I do not have a Stripe account, do I need one?

Yes, both admin and receiver will need to have a Stripe Account in order to make the plugin work.

Are shipping costs included in the commissions for my suppliers?

No, the plugin calculates the commissions out of the product price, excluding any additional cost that goes to the administrator’s account. Moreover, there’s no way to split shipping costs among many receivers.

As an alternative, if this can work in your project scenario, we suggest combining also YITH Multi Vendor plugin that allows every vendor handle his/her own shipping costs separately. Specifically, please, refer to this page.

Is there a fee?

No, with Stripe Connect there is no fee

Do I need a VAT to register an account with Stripe?

It depends on the requirements of your country. All Stripe accounts are required to provide tax details pertaining to their legal entity type. This means that if they fall under the specific category they would have to provide the specific tax information related. So, we suggest you directly get in touch with Stripe to get more information about the details required for new accounts in your country.

What type of Stripe Connect account is needed, Standard, Custom or Express?

To use this plugin, both the admin and the connected accounts have to be Stripe Standard accounts.