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Destination charges

With Destination charges, you can create charges on your platform account, take fees, and then transfer remaining funds to your connected account. Destination charges are created on the platform, but as part of the charge operation, funds are transferred to the connected account specified in the parameter of the charge.
This payment flow is mainly used when end customers transact with the platform for products or services provided by a single connected account.

PLEASE NOTE – Destination charges work only with one single receiver.

Destination charges

Separate charges and transfers is the default payment flow. To use Destination charges go to YITH > Stripe Connect > Settings > Payment flow settings and select it from the dropdown in Alternative flow.

PLEASE NOTE – If Destination charges is not applicable, the system will fallback to Separate Charges and Transfers.

Payment flow settings 2

Since the transfer is made at the time of payment, Destination charges won’t allow using Delay settings.

For further details about Destination charges, please refer to Stripe documentation