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Popup options

Popup Options

Under “Popup Options” you can find the option to set the Popup width and the popup height.

Popup width and height

Also, this is where you can enable a title for the Popup and the “I agree” button.

Popup title and button

If you enable this, your customers will have to tick the “I agree” box before proceeding with the checkout.
You also have the option to change the text here (for example, “I accept”).

This button will show in the footer of your popup.

I agree button in popup

And at last, you will find theĀ  “Scroll till the end of the document to accept” option.

Scroll till the end option

By enabling this option, users will need to scroll the popup until the end to accept terms and conditions.

You can enter a custom text for the error message shown when users attempt to accept your Terms and Conditions without scrolling the popup.