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Enable Terms and Conditions Popup

Under the tab ”YITH” you will find Terms and Conditions Popup, by ticking the box in the Popup options, you can enable the popup for Terms and Conditions on the Checkout page.

Enable Terms and Conditions popup

Checkbox on Checkout page


Popup options

Popup Options

Under “Popup Options” you can find the option to set the Popup width and the popup height.

Popup width and height

Also, this is where you can enable a title for the Popup and the “I agree” button.

Popup title and button

If you enable this, your customers will have to tick the “I agree” box before proceeding with the checkout.
You also have the option to change the text here (for example, “I accept”).

This button will show in the footer of your popup.

I agree button in popup

And at last, you will find the  “Scroll till the end of the document to accept” option.

Scroll till the end option

By enabling this option, users will need to scroll the popup until the end to accept terms and conditions.

You can enter a custom text for the error message shown when users attempt to accept your Terms and Conditions without scrolling the popup.



Under the tab Layout, you will find all options for the layout of the Terms and Conditions Popup:





Terms/Privacy Options

In the Terms and Privacy options, you can find the following settings:

  • Hide Checkbox: this hides the checkbox for “I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions” on the checkout page and only the text is displayed.
  • The Terms and Conditions privacy: this option allows you to decide which pages from Terms and conditions have to show on the checkout page. There are three options available:
    • show only “Terms and Conditions” page
    • show only “Privacy Policy” page
    • show both

Privacy options

  • Show Terms together or apart: this option is active only in case you decide to display both Terms and Privacy at the same time.
    It is possible to require acceptance on checkout page either once for both Terms and Privacy or separately.

How to show privacy terms

  • Terms and Conditions: for this option, you have to select the WordPress page of your installation to refer to for “Terms and Conditions”. Its content will be displayed in the popup “Terms and Conditions”.
  • Terms and Conditions label: label displayed on checkout page containing a link to “Terms and Conditions” popup.

Terms and Conditions page

  • Privacy: for this option, you have to select the WordPress page of your installation to refer to for “Privacy Policy”. Its content will be displayed in the popup “Privacy Policy”.
  • Privacy label: label displayed on checkout page containing a link to “Privacy Policy” popup.

Privacy page

  • Unique option text: select the text that contains “Privacy” and “Terms and Conditions” links; use “%PRIVACY%” and “%TERMS AND CONDITIONS%” where you want links to be printed.
  • Position for Terms and Conditions/Privacy: select the preferred position from a list of options.

Option text


“I Agree” Button Layout

Under “I Agree” Button Layout, you will find the settings of the I Agree button, in the Terms and Conditions Popup.I agree button layout

  • Button alignment: options available: right, left, center.
  • “I Agree” button type: you can choose from Button and Anchor. By selecting Button, you can define the button style through the option
    • “I Agree” button style: here, you can select WooCommerce or Custom.

By selecting Custom, a set of options will show and you will be able to customize the button as you prefer.

Custom button options