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Facebook configuration settings

To display the button you must absolutely enable it using the option Enable Facebook Login.
Now, you are asked to enter Facebook App ID and Facebook Secret to allow your users to log in via Facebook.Facebook settings

To recover this information, you have to create a new application on the page
Create a new application by clicking on Create App.

Facebook settings

Choose Consumer as app type.

Facebook settings

Now, you’ll see a screen like the following. Set the app name and contact email to associate to the app.

Facebook settings

Select Set Up in Facebook Login.

Facebook settings

Select Web option.

Set your Site URL.

Site url

Skip all other steps of the process.

Skip other steps

Please, note: when you register this app, you DO NOT need to request the ‘App Review’, as this is not necessary.

Open Settings and set in the option Valid OAuth redirect URIs the URL that you will find in the Facebook tab of the plugin settings then click on Save changes.

Facebook settings

If you see this banner, click on the link Get Advanced Access.

Facebook settingsOn the page that will open, search for email and public_profile then click on the Get advanced access button.

Facebook settings

You might be prompted to Update Privacy Policy URL or Data Deletion Information: proceed as requested.

Now, skip to Settings > Basic to get App ID and App Secret.

Facebook settings

If you have followed the procedure step by step and you have inserted App ID and App Secret in the plugin settings, you have completed the configuration for the login through Facebook.
You are now ready to use it.

Note: if you see a notice like the one shown in the image below, don’t worry!
This message shows only when logging in with the same email address used to create the Facebook app.

Alert facebook social login

On WPEngine hosted sites you should also ask WPEngine to exclude from caching the path wp-content/plugins/yith-woocommerce-social-login-premium/includes/hybridauth/ and the cookie ywsl_wp_session and add the following line in the wp-config.php file:

define( ‘YWSL_FINAL_SLASH’, true );