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User and admin email settings

From the Settings tab, you can set the options for emails generated and sent to admin and users by the plugin as a reminder of abandoned carts and pending orders in your store.

User email settings

User email settings
  • Sender’s name: enter the name of the sender (the shop name, for example);
  • Sender’s email address: enter the email address of the sender;
  • Reply to: enter the email address to which users can reply.

Administrator settings

Admin email settings
  • Notify admin when a cart is recovered: enable this option to send an email to the admin when an abandoned cart is converted into a purchase;
  • Email heading: enter the text for the email heading;
  • Email recipient: enter the email address to which the email will be sent in case of a cart conversion. To add more than one email address, separate them with commas;
  • Email subject: enter the subject of the email.