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Manage coupons for abandoned carts

From the ‘Settings’ tab, you can set the general settings related to your coupons.

Coupon settings
  • Coupon prefix: General prefix to identify recovered cart coupons.
  • Delete used coupons: Enable to automaticaly delete used coupons.
  • Delecte expired coupons: Enable to automaticaly delete exired coupons.

You can manage the specific coupon settings within the email templates. Go to the ‘Email templates‘ tab and edit/add a new template.

Coupon in email settings
  • Add coupon to this email: Decide to add a coupon to the email.
  • Coupon value: A percentage or fixed amount.
  • Coupon expires after: Expiration date of the coupon, set 0 if it never expires.
  • Send a test email to: Send a test email to an email of your choice.

Inside the email content you must add the ‘coupon placeholder’:

Add coupon

When the email is send, a coupon is generated and the code will be replaced inside the email where {{}} is placed.