GDPR Compliance

The plugin is GDPR compliant. You can read about which options have been added to make it compliant.

Among the plugin options in YITH > Abandoned Cart > Settings, you can choose whether saving the abandoned carts of guest users. Specifically, you can add a checkbox that the guest user has to check if he/she agrees on his email being used by the plugin.

The text of the checkbox can be customized, as well as the time that makes a cart be considered as ‘abandoned‘. If you choose that the cart has to be left unused for 2 weeks before it’s deemed as abandoned, you’ll just have to update your policies and include this time there.

For logged in users, instead, if you add the suggested text in the WordPress privacy policy in the part related to our plugin, you’ll be GDPR compliant.

Moreover, if a user wants to get his/her data deleted from your store, the plugin uses the WordPress built-in feature, so you can use that one and also the user data related to his/her abandoned carts will be removed.