Abandoned carts

To see the complete list of all abandoned carts, click on the “Carts” tab of the option panel of the plugin.


Click on the abandoned cart to view the information details.
If you want to send an email to the owner of the cart immediately , select one of the emails you have configured in the “Email Templates” section of the option panel. Click on the “Send Email” button you’ll in the “Action” column.

action cart

When the email is sent, the “Last email sent” column will be updated and will show the related date.

Each time an email is generated, an additional entry will be added to the email list. You can find it in the detail page of the corresponding cart (section History).

history email

The History section offers three pieces of information for each email:

  • Sending Date: the sending date of the email.
  • Email Template: the template of the email.
  • Link clicked: the presence of a link to the cart in the email (YES/NO).