Getting started with the plugin

The plugin allows you to schedule a sequential series of emails and set a time interval for each of them, from the moment the order is set to ‘pending’.

send after

Emails are not send exactly when the scheduled time has passed (that time corresponds to the moment when the email is considered ‘ready’ to be shipped). It will only be sent when the plugin cron runs, the default time is one hour.

Once the cron runs, it will send all emails which ‘scheduled time’ has passed. Find out more about the WordPress Cron system on this page.

We start by setting the time interval (minutes) after which the plugin system will consider a pending order “pending”, so the email dispatching will be triggered.

pending order survey

Cancelled orders

If the order is still “pending” after the maximum time specified in “Cut-off time value for pending order” has passed, its status will automatically change to “cancelled”. You can choose from minutes, hours or days.

cut off time