Getting started with the plugin

Before explaining in detail plugin features, we had better understand the way dispatching of survey emails is conceived. The plugin allows you to schedule sequential series of emails and set for each of them a time interval since the order is set to “pending”, as shown in the below image and better described in this page of the documentation.

Email delay time

Yet, emails are not sent exactly when the scheduled time passes. That time corresponds to the moment in which the email is considered as “ready” for being shipped. Yet, it will be dispatched only when the plugin cron runs (default time is to one hour). Once the cron runs, it will send all emails which scheduled time has passed. Learn more about WordPress Cron system in this page.The first step in configuring the plugin is to set the time interval (minutes) after which a pending order has to be considered “pending” in the plugin system as well, so that email dispatching can be triggered.

Survey pending order

Cancelled orders

If the order is still “pending” beyond the maximum time specified in “Cut-off time value for pending order”, its status will be automatically changed to “cancelled”.

Cut-off time value for pending order